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Veterans Gain Career-Long Job Security at a Reduced Cost

Veterans interested in turning the discipline and work ethic gained while serving into a career as a Software Engineer can take advantage of a special scholarship from Hack Reactor. Anyone who has served in the military, Peace Corps, VISTA, Americorps, and other select organizations are eligible for a $6,000 scholarship off our immersive, online coding program.

Hack Reactor requires students to be present and working or in class a minimum of 11 hours a day, 6 days a week for 12 weeks. Students who have served in the military have found that this experience trained them well for the intensity of our program.

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James Yothers went from the Marine Corps to Hack Reactor to JP Morgan Chase.

James Yothers spent 11 years in the Marine Corps as a helicopter pilot and air controller, and has now found success as a Software Engineer.

“I applied to and was accepted to a couple of other coding schools but Hack Reactor looked better and better the more I researched coding schools,” Yothers explains. “Hack Reactor did not disappoint. It was even more than what it is promoted to be, which is difficult to imagine given its fantastic reputation.”

Yothers also found that the discipline and skills he strengthened in the military were valuable at the school, and as a Software Engineer.

“A lot of my military experience helped me. I set a personal schedule at Hack Reactor to work until midnight from Monday through Friday and this didn't prove to be too difficult. Teamwork and interpersonal skills honed in the military also helped me immensely at Hack Reactor. I now work as a front-end developer at JPMorgan Chase and I'm loving my job. I really can't imagine things working out better than they have. Every one of the staff at Hack Reactor was completely supportive and integral to any success I have in web development and lifelong education in general.”

Young veterans face stark unemployment numbers--over 20% for vets 18-24. Hack Reactor offers the best available training in Software Engineering, an industry with skyrocketing demand.

“Like most veterans, the biggest fear of leaving the armed forces was knowing that I would lose job security,” says Scott Moss, who served four years in the Navy. “After Hack Reactor, job security is no longer an issue. Most veterans look for careers that suit their skill sets learned in the armed forces. Hack Reactor has made it possible for me, a Navy helicopter mechanic, to become a successful Software Engineer and entrepreneur in 3 months.”

The U.S. is facing a growing shortage of Software Engineers, as thousands of jobs come on the market, and traditional education fails to fill those openings at anywhere near the rate that they are being created. Veterans returning to a difficult economy can take advantage of this opportunity from anywhere in the world by applying to Hack Reactor’s remote program.

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