Fueling Social Impact Through Community Coding Programs

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Impact Underserved Communities

We work to expand access to groups that are typically underrepresented in tech. Increased diversity benefits everyone.

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Scale Profits to Scale Social Impact

We see scale and profitability as being intrinsically tied to our ability to effect positive change in the world.

Community Partnership Programs

Code Ramp

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Code Ramp is a 60 hour introductory course that we license for free to non profits that work with underserved groups.

Extended Network

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We also license our entire immersive course, as well as offer consulting and onsite support to certain non profits that have joined our extended network.

Code Ramp Partners

Code Tenderloin, a workforce development startup, provides soft-skills, programming and job placement to the Tenderloin and other local communities that experience the highest employment barriers and prepares them for entry-level jobs at San Francisco Mid-Market tech companies.

Visit CodeTenderloin.com

Success Center San Francisco works with transitional age youth through a range of programs to help them build skills and find sustainable employment.

Visit SuccessCenterSF.org

Mission Bit is a non-profit that offers free programming classes taught by experienced engineers and entrepreneurs to San Francisco public school students.

Visit MissionBit.com

Extended Network Partners

Moringa School is an intensive tech education program based out of Nairobi, Kenya. Moringa School offers courses in mobile and web development as well as a 12 week bootcamp.

Visit MoringaSchool.com

ReBootKAMP is the first immersive coding bootcamp in the Middle East, reserving half their seats for Syrian refugees. ReBootKAMP is changing lives every day.

Visit ReBootKAMP.org

Code.7370 is part of The Last Mile, which teaches career skills to prisoners, including entrepreneurial skills and coding classes based on our curriculum.

Visit TheLastMile.org

A network of programs to empower at-risk New Orleans youth with software development skills that prepare them for the workforce.

Visit OperationSpark.org

Hear From Our Community Partners

Stevon Cook, CEO — Mission Bit profile image.

“Hack Reactor has shown again and again to be deeply committed to using their work not only to create jobs, but transform the lives of those most affected by income inequality.”

Stevon Cook, CEO — Mission Bit
Hugh Bosely, Co-Founder — ReBootKAMP profile image.

“We're excited to be embedded here at Hack Reactor because we are discovering the value of the iterative process. It has a profound potential to make a difference in the lives of these refugees.”

Hugh Bosely, Co-Founder — ReBootKAMP
Reymon LaChaux, Business Relations Coordinator — Success Center San Francisco profile image.

“Hack Reactor has helped our clients see themselves actualized as computer programmers earning a ‘living wage’.”

Reymon LaChaux, Business Relations Coordinator — Success Center San Francisco