Free Intro to JavaScript

Be Prepared for the Admissions Challenge

We’ve designed our admissions process to be challenging yet fun for people that will be successful during the immersive program. As such, we have created a free resource for students with a goal of empowering confidence and technically-proficiency when it comes time to apply to a top coding bootcamp like Hack Reactor.

With 90 hours of material and over 150 challenging exercises, Hack Reactor Prep’s free self-paced course is designed to get you into the most selective bootcamps. Here’s how:

1. PreRequisite Skills, JavaScript Syntax, & Dynastics

“Syntax” means the same thing in code and in English: “What series of characters form a valid statement in this language?” In English, “I accidentally a word” is not valid syntax. In JavaScript, “My name is 4” is not valid syntax. Mod 0 will get you familiarized with basic syntax. Your goal here is to demonstrate (to yourself, mostly) that you have learned enough fundamentals of JavaScript and programming to be able to efficiently dive into the main course material.

2. Understand JavaScript Building Blocks in Detail

This module consists of lots of very small problems. Your goal is to complete all of them, and warm up before proceeding on to bigger, harder problems. Abe Lincoln said: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." Well, get ready to sharpen your axe.

3. Dive Deeper into Essential JavaScript Concepts Such as Functions and Memory

This module consists of a handful of harder problems that begin to realistically reflect the kinds of problems you are asked in admissions interviews. They also begin to reflect the kinds of problems that come up in the core immersive curriculum. As you solve these problems, you will learn concepts and techniques that will help you code much more cleanly and professionally.

4. Polish up your Problem Solving and Clean Code Writing Skills in a Live Performance Context

The last module's focus is taking all the good problem-solving and clean-code-writing skills you practiced in the previous module, and practicing those same skills in a live performance context. You will implement a coding problem, record your practice, and self-critique based on guidelines that help you get into the mind of the interviewer.

Once you’ve completed all the Modules, you are well on your way to applying to a top coding bootcamp. Good luck and we hope to see you at a Hack Reactor campus soon!

Next class begins on

February 6, March 27 and May 15.