Hack Reactor Acquires Premier iOS School, Appoints New CEO, Debuts Hack Reactor Core

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Leading educator expands footprint, improves competitive position, poises for growth

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. September 30, 2015Hack Reactor, the leading provider of technology education, announced today their acquisition of the industry-leading iOS bootcamp Mobile Makers Academy, with campuses in Chicago and San Francisco. With the original Hack Reactor campus in San Francisco now being one of eight schools operated by the company in California, Illinois, Texas and online, Hack Reactor has reorganized into a network of autonomous education companies, all owned under a new umbrella organization: Hack Reactor Core.

Hack Reactor Dean Caroline Esmurdoc has been appointed CEO of Hack Reactor, the company’s original flagship school in San Francisco, replacing Anthony Phillips. Two of Hack Reactor’s key executives, Pamela Greenberg and Jocelyn Robancho, round out Esmurdoc’s leadership team. Phillips is now CEO of Hack Reactor Core, and his executive team members have concluded their transition out of the operations of Hack Reactor and have assumed their new roles at the umbrella organization.

“By centralizing key systems and teams into a shared resource at Hack Reactor Core, we are helping our schools stay focused on education and student outcomes,” said Hack Reactor Core CEO Anthony Phillips. “Fundamentally, Hack Reactor Core is about empowering schools to grow and thrive by placing our cutting edge tools, best practices and ongoing innovations in the hands of extremely gifted and autonomous educators.”

Each school in the Hack Reactor Core network will have its own CEO and management team and Hack Reactor Core will support them in their operation, innovation and sustainable growth. “Our focus at Hack Reactor Core will be building and maintaining the best common tools our schools can imagine, with an emphasis on sharing insights and best practices across every level of our network,” said Phillips.

The company has appointed Mobile Makers Academy Director of Education Jessi Chartier as CEO of the new iOS education arm. Chartier will be supported by Cofounder Don Bora. They will lead Mobile Makers Academy’s operations in Chicago and San Francisco and drive expansion efforts around mobile education. “We are thrilled to be joining the Hack Reactor Core family,” said Bora. “We have been stoking the coals over here, gearing up to bring industry-leading mobile development education to individuals and high schools across America. Hack Reactor Core just handed us some rocket fuel and it’s time for ignition.”

Hack Reactor alumnus Albrey Brown will remain chief executive of Telegraph Academy in Oakland, the premier coding school for people of color, founded by Brown and fellow Hack Reactor alumna Cofounder Bianca Gandolfo. The operations of MakerSquare will continue to be overseen by CEO Harsh Patel and his founding team.

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Hack Reactor’s mission is two-fold: to empower people and to transform education through rapid-iteration teaching. Hack Reactor designs and conducts advanced immersion education programs that train students 11 hours per day, 6 days a week, over 12 weeks. Our curriculum cultivates mastery of computer science fundamentals and the JavaScript programming language. The Hack Reactor network of technology schools educates more software engineers every year than Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley and the California Institute of Technology, combined. Hack Reactor maintains a 99% employment rate and a median graduate salary of $110,000. Alumni work in a variety of mid- to senior-level engineering roles at industry leaders like Google, Adobe, LinkedIn, Uber and Amazon, as well as at several growing technology companies. For more information, visit:

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