Hack Reactor Staff group image

Exceptional Instruction and Support


Leadership Team

  • Tony Phillips

    Co-Founder &
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Shawn Drost

    Co-Founder &
    Chief Innovation Officer

  • Marcus Phillips

    Co-Founder &
    Chief Academic Officer

  • Douglas Calhoun


  • Phillip Alexander

    Chief Product Officer

  • Harsh Patel

    Interim Chief Operating Officer
    Regional Manager - CA & Remote

  • Jennifer Ellis

    VP of People

  • Megan Lesko

    VP of Finance

Management Team

  • Ankit Patel

    Regional Manager - Southwest

  • Tyler Lambe

    Regional Manager - New York

  • Nick Mann

    Director of Policy

  • Jane Hayes

    Director of Operations

  • Will Gester

    Director of Strategic Initiatives

  • Albrey Bristo-Brown

    Enrollments Specialist

  • Stephanie Hong

    Director of Digital Marketing

  • Eda Jackson

    Creative Director

  • Chris Barnett

    Director of Business and Legal Affairs

  • Mike Frank

    Head of Admissions

  • Crew Spence

    Head of Outcomes

  • Liz Penny

    Head of Counselors

  • Fred Zirdung

    Head of Curriculum

  • Omar Mohamed

    Head of Technical Mentors

  • Geoff Boss

    Lead Career Coach