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About Us

Our Vision

Hack Reactor's vision is to transform higher education to be more transparent, accessible and outcomes-driven.

Our Mission

Hack Reactor's mission is to empower students to succeed in new careers in Software Engineering through our accelerated, best-in-class programs and our strong, caring community.

Our Core Values

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Transformative Success

People leave our web development program as solution-oriented engineers. They become individuals that can distill and solve any complex problem thrown at them resulting in better careers, better work, and better lives.

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Outcomes-Focused Immersive

We are focused on a quality experience for our students. By constantly iterating and tweaking our software engineering curriculum, we ensure sustained industry relevance. We judge the success of everything we do by the accomplishments of our students.

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Strong Caring Community

When you attend Hack Reactor you find yourself in a community of passionate and forward looking professionals with a common life-changing experience. A community of friends, job connections, and support.

Who We Serve

Our Students: We work tirelessly to provide industry-relevant skills to our students and help them get their dream jobs as software engineers. We are proud to be an outcomes-focused school and have some of the best placement rates in the industry.

Our Employer Partners: We provide a hiring pipeline via our alumni and enterprise programs to solve the talent gap many organizations are facing. We work closely with companies like J.P. Morgan Chase, SolarCity and Slack.

Our Community Partners: We make in-demand careers like software engineering more accessible to underserved communities through partnering with programs like Code.7370, RBK, and many more. Whenever possible, we enjoy using our resources to give back.

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Our Story

Inspired by his language-learning experience in Korea, our Co-Founder Tony Phillips had a revelation about the unique power of immersive education. After coming back to the U.S. and learning to code from his brother (and future Co-Founder) Marcus, Tony realized he could apply the principle of immersion to create a new kind of school. With some encouragement from Co-Founder Shawn Drost, the three of them embarked on the monumental task of starting a school with top outcomes and student success. Since joining forces with Galvanize in 2018, Hack Reactor has expanded its exceptional outcomes and student success to nine campuses and continues to thrive.

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Our Story


Hack Reactor founded! The first class had 16 students (they all got jobs).

What started with moving furniture and adding final touches to the curriculum the night before the first students arrived has grown into an organization that powers a life-altering educational program. Hack Reactor has been through countless changes, but at its core, it has always been about changing lives by applying the best analytical and development processes to education. Since 2012, we have steadily refined our outcomes-focused approach, and our third-party verified numbers pace the industry.


Hack Reactor Remote Launched. Our online immersive course was the first of its kind.

In 2014, an experiment to accommodate one student being held up by visa issues blossomed into a unique educational offering. Hack Reactor Remote was the first online coding bootcamp, and allows students to access our transformative course from anywhere in the world. We have educated students from over 20 countries and counting.


Hack Reactor partners with Moringa school in Nairobi Kenya.

The Moringa School creates a pathway to Kenya’s growing tech sector. Hack Reactor provided curriculum, consulting and staff support to this powerful immersive program.


Hack Reactor helps create Code.7370 to bring coding education to San Quentin.

Code.7370, built in concert with The Last Mile, seeks to reduce recidivism, by training prisoners in marketable coding skills.


Hack Reactor acquires MakerSquare, adding 2 additional campuses to its network.

As we grew, we got to know others in the coding bootcamp space, and one school clearly saw education the same way we do. Eventually we joined forces by acquiring MakerSquare, which had locations in San Francisco and Austin. Since then, we have expanded to L.A. and New York.


Telegraph Academy created to bring more underrepresented minorities into tech.

In coordination with the White House EQUIP program, Hack Reactor launched Telegraph Academy, an intensive coding course geared toward underrepresented minorities. This would eventually be incorporated into our main program and known as Telegraph Track


Hack Reactor teams up with Mission bit to bring coding education to High Schoolers in the bay area.

Teaching high schoolers to code is rightfully a big focus today, and Hack Reactor worked with Mission Bit, a non-profit started by alum Tyson Daugherty, to create classes and internships for public school students.


Hack Reactor announces the 5th school in its network - located in the heart of New York City.

With thousands of careers radically improved, we have come a long way from the early, sleep-deprived days. But the most exciting chapters in our history are the ones we are writing right now.


Hack Reactor helps establish industry-leading standards for outcomes transparency and reporting.

In 2016, we published the Standard Student Outcomes Methodology (SSOM), the most airtight system for tracking and reporting student outcomes. That work inspired and eventually led to the creation of the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting


Our Network Unifies Around Hack Reactor Brand

Recognizing the shared values, curriculum and quality throughout every location and program in our network, we rebranded all of our schools to share the Hack Reactor name. This brings clarity and assurance to students, employers and our ever-growing alumni network.


Hack Reactor launches a nine-month, part-time immersive.

Three years after the debut our highly successful Remote Full-Time program, in 2017, we launched a part-time version of our immersive - allowing students to take Hack Reactor without quitting their job.



We supported the launch of Holacode, a coding bootcamp based in Mexico City focused on bringing new opportunities to recent returnees. Three of their instructors were alumni of Hack Reactor -- a fulfillment of the “chain reaction” metaphor behind the name of our company.


Hack Reactor Becomes Even Better with Acquisition by Galvanize

Leading technology workforce educator Galvanize acquired Hack Reactor to create one of the largest independent accelerated learning providers. The acquisition expanded Galvanize's product offerings, campus locations and skilled graduates to meet the growing demand of enterprise customers.

Hack Reactor is the first Bootcamp to...