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Alumni Benefits

Learn about the exclusive benefits we offer our alumni.

Alumni Benefits

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Referral Program

Our alumni have the opportunity to get rewarded for referring students to our program. Alumni will receive a small thank you gift when the student enrolls (up to $25 value) and a $250 Apple or Amazon Gift Card when they graduate. To participate, simply have your referral provide your information on their application.

Application Here
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Coworking Space

We're excited to offer a 25% discount on coworking memberships for our alumni interested in working at our coworking spaces around the country. Please email our staff to inquire about pricing, availability, and other details!

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Join our Alumni Forum on Discourse!

We are launching a new alumni forum to house resources and create discussion. This is another tool that helps you be successful in your craft and beyond.

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Alumni Career Coaching

If you are looking for resources to help with a job switch or advancement and need refreshers on your cover letter, resume, interviews, and portfolios please email alumni@galvanize.com or ping us on Slack. These topics are not exclusive and you can reach out with any questions!

Reach Out
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Give Back With Telegraph Track

Pay it forward and mentor a Hack Reactor graduate via Telegraph Track. Alumni and non-alumni with professional software engineering experience can volunteer 4 hours to share their experience and guidance with software engineers from underrepresented backgrounds embarking on their software engineering journey. Click here for more information.

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Upcoming Alumni Events

January 19th

Galvanize & Hack Reactor Los Angeles Reunion

| Online

Join your peers from the Galvanize/Hack Reactor Los Angeles program for a virtual reunion! During, you'll reconnect in breakout rooms with your cohortmates, network with other Los Angeles alumni, and receive free Galvanize or Hack Reactor gear.

February 1st

Getting and Maintaining a Side Hustle

| Online

Many people in tech have side hustles. Some do them for more income, some for experience, and some purely for fun. This event will walk you through how to find the best projects that fit within your available schedule. We'll also talk through how to maintain the balance between your nine to five and your desire to partake in exciting side projects.

February 10th

How to Hack the Interview Process

| Online

Learn what most people forget during the interview process and walk away with 10 techniques that allow you to shine.

February 16th

Galvanize and Hack Reactor Colorado Reunion

Join your fellow peers from the Colorado Galvanize and Hack Reactor programs for a virtual reunion. During, you'll reconnect in breakout rooms with your cohortmates, network with other alumni, and receive free gear.

How to Start an Alumni Affiliate Group

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We recognize Affiliate Alumni Groups and allow them to post on our Community Online Platforms for the benefit of our members. If you would like to submit an application for approval of your group as a Galvanize/Hack Reactor affiliate, please reach out to alumni@galvanize.com for more information.

Alumni Benefits FAQs

Email regulatory@galvanize.com and provide the email address you used while going through the program.

Visit this Discourse page for more information.

If you need an invite to Discourse, please email alumni@galvanize.com and provide the email address you used while going through the program.

You have access to our Learn platform for 6 months post-graduation.

After that time, you can find advanced topics for upskilling, career development, and job searches on Discourse.

Discourse is a resource library and discussion forum for all alumni to stay connected past the immersive program and beyond their first job offer. 

You can find the Table Contents here. Discourse is composed of four categories: 

  • Welcome and Getting Started

  • Community

  • Professional Development

  • Resources Library

Email alumni@galvanize.com and try to provide the email that you used going through the program.

Email alumni@galvanize.com with your name, preferred email, and cohort, and we will add you to the newsletter list.

Email alumni@galvanize.com and include the email address that Galvanize has on file from the time you were in the program. Please also include the updated email address that you want to use moving forward. The Alumni Team will then notify Regulatory to update the system.