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$9,780 Scholarship for Coding School Grads accepted to our Remote Beta Online Course in Feb or Mar

Hack Reactor

$9,780 Scholarship for Coding School Grads accepted to our Remote Beta Online Course in Feb or Mar's Image

If you have completed a coding school program, Hack Reactor has a unique, limited offer to grow your skill set and expand your earning power at a sharply discounted price. Hack Reactor’s renowned programming course is being offered in a pilot online program, Hack Reactor Remote, at a $9,780 discount off the standard $17,780 tuition to any student who has previously graduated from an on-site coding program costing $5,000 or more, and listed as on CourseReport.com, Bootcamper.io or Switchup.org.* 

If you have already invested in your programming education, but are not seeing the accelerated career outcomes you would like, or need to update your skills for a rapidly shifting industry, Hack Reactor Remote Beta is one of the most efficient and effective options available.

More details about this discount:

  • For Hack Reactor Remote Beta, you must apply and be accepted through Hack Reactor's standard admissions process. Apply here

  • You must enroll in the February or March Remote Beta cohorts. This discount does not apply to any future online Hack Reactor classes or any other Hack Reactor classes.

  • We will need to verify participation in an applicable program listed on CourseReport.com, Bootcamper.io, or Switchup.org. Email admissions@hackreactor.com if you have questions about this.

We are confident that the online, at-home program we have built surpasses any other immersion engineering experience, and we want to test our claim by investing in attracting students to the program who will be able to compare the programs and share their experiences with the world.

Stay tuned for more details on this initiative in the days to come.

More about Hack Reactor’s Online Immersive Coding School, Remote Beta:

Our program builds skills every hour of every day, and challenges even established Software Engineers. A deep dive into Computer Science fundamentals gives students the ability to learn and understand new technologies, as needed. Regular sprints on cutting edge technologies, essential to today’s Software Engineering jobs, prepares students with the most in-demand skills.

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Hack Reactor Remote Beta makes use of collaborative online tools to facilitate lectures, group discussions and pair programming.

The Remote program offers unique advantages, such as the ability to watch lectures at 2x speed, and, of course, the chance to take our world-class program from home. The Remote program is not at all similar to other online courses: it is a fully staffed course with instructors and support staff available 11 hours a day. Students are required to be present 11 hours a day, six days a week.

This is a rare opportunity for coding school graduates to take Hack Reactor’s industry-leading course at more than a 50% discount. We are accepting applications now, and will fill the March and May classes on a rolling basis. Apply today!


*Hack Reactor reserves the right to evaluate each individual case and to change or cancel this offer at any time.

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