SalesForce, Autodesk, Yammer & More: 24 Companies Gather at Hiring Day

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Representatives of numerous Bay Area tech companies gather every 7 weeks at Hack Reactor for Hiring Day, an event that brings together graduating Software Engineers and companies looking to grow their engineering teams. The most recent Hiring Day was May 20, and the next hiring day is Tuesday, July 8. If your company is interested in learning more about Hack Reactor grads or hiring a full-stack Software Engineer, get in touch with us. Read on for more about the latest event.

tech companies, tech jobs, programming jobs, coding jobs Employers watch a series of student demos.

The day starts with student demos. The Hack Reactor program culminates in a three-week product development project, and the demos are a showcase of these challenging and ambitious works by groups of three to five students. Some elect to take on engineering contracts for companies such as, NodePrime and Building Connected, while others build original applications or libraries from the ground up.

"I'm impressed with the number of people who are comfortable with design, while having the knowledge in technology," comments Chris Hinkle of

The projects are all functional MVPs and include:

  • A hub to share educational materials
  • A categorization game that makes learning fun
  • A social network for the construction industry
  • A tool to efficiently make professional contacts
  • Interactive managers for photos, video and music

Four student groups worked at, a young, exciting web application framework company, headed by the Founder of Bing and former head of mobile development at Facebook. These groups worked on training platforms, widgets and enterprise tooling for the fledgling company, whose CEO Steve Newcomb has referred to Hack Reactor as "the Harvard of coding schools." 

"The presentations were awesome," notes Sarah Guber of BlendLabs.

programming jobs, tech companies, coding school, programming school Students and companies meet for a series of ten-minute lightning interviews.

The demos are followed by a series of lightning interviews. Our hiring team matches engineers and employers by establishing mutual interest and compatibility, allowing many of these brief conversations to lead to deeper technical interviews.

"Top talent, for sure," says Nathan Marith of Autodesk, one of twenty-four companies that attended the May 20 event. "To go through all the resumes, it's really hard to decide. Everyone is really impressive."

Despite the intense pace of the day, the energy only seems to grow as the afternoon goes on. The lightning interview format suited many companies perfectly.

It’s fantastic. Expectations are set properly. With ten minutes, you know you have to get to the point quickly. It’s a forcing function.
— Chris Hinkle,

"Everyone was really impressive," says Andy Bean of SalesForce.

Two of the employers came to Hiring Day encouraged by the performance of a Hack Reactor grad already on their teams: Boatbound and Less Than 3 had good reason to be optimistic about the pool of interviewees they were matched with.

programming Even after the interviews ended, students and employers continued to build connections.

After eleven rounds, the interviews give way to music and mingling. Many employers stick around to continue fruitful conversations and start a few new ones.

Hiring Day has already resulted in numerous follow-ups. Both students and employers left quite happy.

"It would be silly not to," says Rick Cerf, a Hack Reactor alumnus who attended Hiring Day. "It's a great resource."

"Fantastic," concludes Brian Morton of Yammer. "We're going to follow up with a lot of the people we spoke with, and maybe even some people we met afterward [at the post-interview mingle]."

As this class of Hack Reactor students moves on from the school, it's safe to say that they have a bright future, already seeded with a handful of promising opportunities. Another group of able coders has been transformed, in three months, into a group of job-ready Software Engineers.

To learn more about our graduates and inquire about upcoming Hiring Days, contact us here.

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