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4 Benefits of the Code School Approach for Enterprise Training

Jason Strand

4 Benefits of the Code School Approach for Enterprise Training's Image

The code school model has become an increasingly accessible method for equipping professionals with new programming skills in web and mobile software development. Code school curriculums are state-of-the-art and can be adapted to accommodate changing technology needs in the enterprise setting. Delivered in an immersive, instructor-led modality, this approach is an ideal format for enterprise - condensed yet thorough - allowing for efficient employee training.

An earlier post discussed the rise in use of immersive, code school-inspired instruction for corporate tech skill training programs. Today, we explore the trend further and look at four specific benefits the code school approach brings to enterprise training initiatives in tech.

1 ) Tailored to each company’s unique needs

The training content available through various online subscription services has important use cases in enterprise learning and development strategies but is often too generalized for a company’s unique technology needs.

The code school approach to enterprise training in tech moves the conversation from general to specific. Code schools have honed a nimble approach to curriculum development that, when adapted to businesses, allows training managers to work with engineering managers in an efficient way to design custom learning programs for their company-specific technology needs.

2) Demonstrates a corporate commitment to employee development

Bringing the code school model of training onsite demonstrates to employees that their career and contribution to the company’s strategy is valuable. Providing opportunities for developers (and even non-developers) to enhance a technology skill set during work hours demonstrates a high level of importance that a company places on the continual education of their workforce and growing their technology footprint.

3) Measurable impact to employee professional growth

With varying degrees of competencies across a team, it can often be difficult to know exactly what type or degree of training employees will need. The code school model was born out of conditions that made measurable results a practical requirement for participants seeking new jobs as technologists. This results-driven approach translates in the corporate setting. Hack Reactor’s enterprise training programs, for example, introduce assessments to the curriculum development and implementation process to better design and deliver trainings that meet learners where they are and get them where they need to be.

4) Curriculum integrated with relevant project work

At the heart of the code school model is the hands-on practice opportunities in which learners have the chance to actively participate. Individuals in enterprise coding bootcamps benefit from seeing how their new skills will fit within the scope of their company and their work. When crafting this type of enterprise training course, consideration is given to the culture and way of life at the company. From the start of the training to the finish, it is apparent to participants how their new technology skills will integrate into the company’s vision.

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