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50 Scholarships to Remote Prep Available in Partnership with Women Who Code

Owen Poindexter

50 Scholarships to Remote Prep Available in Partnership with Women Who Code's Image

Women Who Code, a nonprofit devoted to bringing more women into the technology sector, is joining forces with our network to offer fifty full scholarships for Women Who Code members and friends, to attend our online beginners course Remote Prep. These scholarships of $600 each will enable women with little to no coding experience to build functioning apps and interactive websites, and gain a foundation in computer science principles through JavaScript. Those that want to take the next step in their software engineering careers will be well-prepared for the technical interview at Hack Reactor Remote or any of the other immersive Javascript programs in the Reactor Core network.

women who code, women in tech, coding bootcamp, scholarship

Women Who Code is offering fifty scholarships to members and friends for Remote Prep.

Women Who Code’s ethos is that everyone benefits when women are better represented in tech, and the organization takes a multi-faceted approach to this. Through free courses, community building, connecting engineers with employers, advocacy and business consulting, Women Who Code provides pathways and support for women in what continues to be a traditionally male-dominated field.

Reactor Core, our parent company, has a history of partnering with other organizations to support women’s initiatives, such as the recently announced scholarship to Telegraph Academy in coordination with Capital One, and we are delighted by the opportunities afforded by this collaboration with Women Who Code. Remote Prep is a unique offering among online coding courses for beginners. It combines live lectures, code-alongs, personal assignments and targeted personal mentorship to ramp up students’ abilities and autonomy over a month of classes.

women who code, women in tech, coding bootcamp, scholarship

Nissa Wollum attended Hack Reactor Remote Beta after completing Remote Prep.

Remote Prep is also excellent preparation for the admissions challenge and technical interview for Hack Reactor Remote Beta. The skills and problem-solving mentality taught in the course go a long way toward making students ready for a 12-week immersive course. Nissa Wollum found this to be the case, after Remote Prep made the difference between her first and second technical interviews to Hack Reactor Remote Beta.

“After I finished Remote Prep, I suddenly knew how to do things,” says Wollum, who went on to Hack Reactor Remote Beta. “When I took the interview the second time [after completing Remote Prep], I had quite a bit more understanding of the material.”

Through the work of Women Who Code and organizations like it, the software engineering world becomes more diverse, supportive and equipped to meet the needs of the industry. We are proud to work with them to bring this opportunity to fifty talented and hardworking women.

Learn more and apply to the Women Who Code Remote Prep scholarship.

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