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6 Top Blog Posts: Students, Projects And Founder Predictions

Hack Reactor

6 Top Blog Posts: Students, Projects And Founder Predictions's Image

 Our students, alumni and faculty are as active as ever, and the Hack Reactor blog is doing everything it can to keep up. Here are 6 of our favorite recent posts.  

Learn Programming and Put it to Work with No CS Degree
An excellent shot of motivation from Hacker-in-Residence Joey Yang for anyone who worries the ship has sailed on learning to code. (Hint: It hasn't!)

Hack Reactor, Twitter & BAVC Announce “Level the Field” Scholarship
This exciting new scholarship is a collaboration between Hack Reactor, the Bay Area Video Coalition and Twitter for Good. Xianhui Feng, the 1st recipient, began classes on April 14.

 Xianhui Feng is the first recipient of the Level the Field Scholarship.

Hack Reactor Students Weave Together Top Music Streaming Services
This student project combines the top music streaming services into one app. The program includes neat crowd-DJ functions, which groups can use to bump their favorite songs up the playlist.

Hack Reactor Grad's Open Source Angular.js Library Makes a Splash
Hack Reactor grad Scott Moss built what is likely the world’s 1st Angular animation library. The JavaScript community immediately showed its appreciation.

Hack Reactor Student Pilots Drone with Leap Motion and Node.js
Get a little glimpse of the future as Hack Reactor student Daniel Liebeskind uses Leap Motion to pilot a drone, simply by waving his hand.

 Dan Liebeskind controls a drone by waving his hand. Full video in the post.

Will Famo.us be Famous? Hack Reactor Founder Shawn Drost is Optimistic
Famo.us could be a fad or a revolution in coding for mobile apps. Drost leans toward Famo.us having a bright future.


More blog posts come out every week. Check back regularly to stay posted on the exciting projects and news at Hack Reactor.