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7 top companies hiring coders in Austin

Hack Reactor

The 7 best companies hiring coders in Austin, Texas

By Sarah Kuta for Hack Reactor 

There’s a reason they call Austin the “Silicon Hills.” There are so many tech companies and startups here that this fast-growing region is on-pair with the Bay Area.

 But life in Austin is about so much more than going to work every day. With a low cost of living, tons of entertainment options, great weather, friendly people, and lots of young families everywhere, Austin is the perfect place to start your career after you complete your coding bootcamp. Oh, and did we mention the barbecue? If you’re a fan of smoked meats, you’ll be in heaven in Austin. 

When you finish your coding bootcamp online, Hack Reactor’s expert team of career services professionals will help you prepare for life on the other side — interview prep, building your online presence and networking with the more than 8,000 alumni who are now out in the workforce. 

But if you’re curious to know what types of jobs are out there, consider this list of top companies hiring coders in Austin. To come up with our list, we sifted through tons of options and took into account work-life balance, job flexibility, perks and benefits, compensation, reputation, and more.

Intel is a top coding employer in Austin, TX


When you work at Intel’s Austin location, you’ll play a role in research and development for all the different technologies that the company specializes in, including platform and base software, storage products and microprocessors. The perks of working here are practically endless, ranging from a fitness center and massage chairs to family fun nights and a specialty coffee bar. Intel also encourages its Austin employees to get involved in the community and volunteer for local organizations and causes. 

Apply here: https://jobs.intel.com/

Apple employs coders in Austin, TX


Apple is consistently ranked as one of the best places to work, and the Austin office is no different. Here, perks range from sock grants and classes to paid time off and a generous volunteer match program (Apple will donate $25 for every hour you volunteer for an eligible organization!). The company also gives its employees discounts on Apple products, as well as tons of services like pet-sitting and financial guidance. Ready to get to work? Apple has more than 200 openings in Austin, including many in coding, software engineering and data science.

Apply here: https://www.apple.com/jobs/us/

7 Top companies hiring coders in Austin includes IBM


IBM has long had a big presence in Austin, so this is a well-established, stable place to work. The company has tons of available jobs ranging from software development to cloud reliability and support engineering. And even if you don’t have a lot of coding jobs on your resume yet, you can still get a foot in the door at IBM, which has a special focus on entry-level jobs and helping people advance in the company. Perks of working here include tons of paid time off, general parental leave, transportation perks, scholarships for high school students and the flexibility to work remotely.

Apply here: https://www.ibm.com/jobs

7 Top companies hiring coders in Austin include Tesla


Tesla recently made headlines when it announced that it would build its newest “Gigafactory” in Austin, where it will build its new Cybertruck. In addition to people who can actually manufacture the new truck, the high-profile electric vehicle company needs plenty of software engineers and coders to make things run smoothly. Perks and benefits of working at Tesla include tons of snacks, transportation help, stock plans, tons of time off, bonuses and competitive salaries. 

Apply here: https://www.tesla.com/careers

7 Top companies hiring coders in Austin include Paypal


PayPal, the popular online money transfer service, has some seriously incredible perks for employees. Stock awards and purchase plans, generous time off (including a paid sabbatical every five years), continuing education, volunteerism opportunities and matching gifts to nonprofits. The company supports diversity of all kinds and has internal groups for various races, ethnicities, faiths, ability levels and beyond. If this all sounds appealing to you, you’re in luck because the PayPal Austin location is hiring software engineers and many other technical roles.

Apply here: paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/jobs

7 Top companies hiring coders in Austin include Google


If you live in Austin and you want to work for Google, you’re in luck: The tech giant is planning a huge expansion in the city and one of the company’s leaders described Austin as a “hub of talent.” There are plenty of software engineering jobs open at Google’s Austin location right now, and they come with some pretty sweet perks: a dog-friendly office, generous parental leave policies, snacks and meals, coffee, volunteer and flex time and tons of professional development offerings. Oh, and the salaries are highly competitive, too.

Apply here: careers.google.com/locations/austin/

7 Top companies hiring coders in Austin include Dell


Headquartered in the Austin suburb of Round Rock, Dell Technologies is a household name when it comes to computers. But their scope extends way beyond hardware and includes everything from software to cloud computing to cybersecurity services. Dell is often hiring software engineers, and the company offers great benefits, including competitive salaries, rewards, career development opportunities and flexible work arrangements. 

Apply here: jobs.dell.com