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7 Ways Fulcrum Prepares You to Become a Software Engineer

Owen Poindexter

Fulcrum is a powerful new online course, combining self-guided assignments with a supportive community, one-on-one check-ins, and an online help desk to get you unstuck when you need it. Fulcrum is available to anyone in the world and can be completed on your own schedule. This is an intermediate JavaScript course, and makes a logical next step for anyone who has taken a beginner course or who is comfortable with basic JavaScript concepts. With Fulcrum, we now offer a course for students at every point of the developer journey: Reactor Prep for beginners, Fulcrum for intermediate students, and our immersive 12-week course for those who are ready to make the career transition to become a software engineer.

What can Fulcrum offer you? Here are  7 benefits to this unique program:

1. Get a Taste of Hack Reactor

There are many people who would like to test the waters first before jumping in for the full commitment of time, energy and money for our immersive 12-week program. Fulcrum allows students to get a taste of the Hack Reactor learning experience so that they can see if our program, and coding itself, is right for them. That way, you can know what you are getting into before taking bigger steps like moving, quitting your job, and any other changes devoting to an immersive program may require.

Even better, anyone who completes Fulcrum and goes on to be accepted into a 12-week program in our network can deduct the Fulcrum tuition from the immersive program tuition, making Fulcrum effectively free for these students.

2. Get Ideal Prep for Your Technical Interview

Many prospective students spend long hours Googling for online tutorials, trying to figure out how best to get comfortable with JavaScript concepts and prep for a technical interview at Hack Reactor. This way of learning is often scattershot, repetitive and involves too many unhelpful sidetracks. When you sign up for Fulcrum, you can say goodbye to that guesswork and the inefficiencies of self-study. It is without a doubt the best preparation for the Hack Reactor technical interview.

3. Save Time

Fulcrum fast-tracks your path into Hack Reactor or any of our network schools. You study only what you need and the technical interview is actually built into the course timeline--yes, when you finish Fulcrum you may already be accepted into Hack Reactor. Not only that, but the Fulcrum curriculum doubles as the pre-course work required of all admitted students. On finishing Fulcrum, you will be ready for Day 1 of the 12-week immersive course with no additional pre-course work.

4. Gain a Deep, Layered Foundation in JavaScript

By taking Fulcrum, you gain a strong foundation from the start. You don’t just learn how to code- you begin to learn the underlying logic behind programming, making you a more dynamic engineer. This makes incorporating new knowledge much easier, and accelerates your ability to learn and solve problems.

All the while, you are using real-world tools and techniques, such as git, terminal and debugging.

5. Become more Self-sufficient at Problem Solving

Fulcrum combines self-guided lessons with mentor support. Our mentors don’t just give you the answer, they show you how to pick apart your roadblocks, so that you steadily become more self-sufficient. In many self-guided courses, getting stuck is incredibly frustrating. With Fulcrum, these moments are some of the best learning opportunities, because our staff knows exactly how to take advantage of them. You will also get periodic assessments where you and a technical mentor will identify specific areas to focus on improving.

6. Stay Accountable and On Track

After meeting with you to understand your goals and schedule, we agree to a roadmap for the roughly 80 hours of coursework. We will set up milestone targets along this path, so you can know if you are on track. You can monitor your pace in our Student Dashboard app.

7. Join a Community of Burgeoning Engineers

The course is self-paced and mentors work with you one-on-one, but that doesn’t mean you are alone in your journey. You will be connected to all other current Fulcrum students via our Slack channel. This helps you stay connected, motivated, and even to learn from each other.

Ready to leverage your coding knowledge into cutting edge developer skills? Learn more and join Fulcrum today.