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A Computer Programming School Success Story

Shawn Drost

The rise of computer programming schools began in 2012, spear headed by development bootcamps like Hack Reactor which feature experienced instructors able to teach advanced computer coding to talented beginners. When the media found out we were delivering much stronger results than college for a fraction of the price, they jumped all over the story. 

"People have started to realize that putting in four years and racking up tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt only to find yourself out of a job (or working as a barista at Starbucks) is a raw deal," wrote Kyle Russell of Business Insider. 

At Hack Reactor, 100% of our last graduating class found a software/web development position, with starting salaries as high as six-figures. For some programming school engineers, their attendance catapulted  their earnings potential.

Hack Reactor's Peter De Croos

Peter is a recent graduate from Hack Reactor's Spring 2013 cohort. Before joining Hack Reactor, Peter was an economics major from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He was developing his coding skills and practicing computer programming as a side job.

"I took two college classes in assembly language and I thought it was really interesting," said De Croos. "I realized there wasn't really a whole lot of work for economists. And I realized my best skill set at the time was coding. I worked really hard and found myself a really cool front end development job, teaching myself jQuery and JavaScript."

At this point Peter realized he had a real talent and passion for computer programming and wanted to move to the epicenter of tech - San Francisco. He signed up for Hack Reactor's three-month coding course to take his skills to the next level, which he did through our real-world, JavaScript focused curriculum. "Hack Reactor was incredible.  I thought I understood programming, but I definitely improved a lot," De Croos said.

De Croos also began blogging about his experience, which turned out to be a great way to lure in employers and show off his skills. "I started working on my blog because I knew it was important to publicize yourself and get your Internet footprint out there. A lot of potential employers visited and commented on my blog."

From Computer Programming School to SmartShoot

When asked how many interviews he had lined up upon graduation, Peter said he was booked for an entire week.

After a 4.5 hour interview with SmartShoot, De Croos was asked by their management to cease his job search and sign with their team. "They were quite excellent and I really liked them. They had a product that I really believed in and were already at the top of my list...They made an offer that was worth cutting my job search early."

De Croos says that he's now making three times the salary he had prior to joining Hack Reactor.  He believes that other students at Hack Reactor will have similar success if they study hard and work on their portfolio. "Have passion about what you do, and it will show through," he said.

Stories like Peter's are more common than you might think. If you feel you have what it takes to join a program like Hack Reactor, apply today!