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A Question to Ask Every Coding Bootcamp: How Do You Calculate Your Outcome Stats?

Owen Poindexter

A Question to Ask Every Coding Bootcamp: How Do You Calculate Your Outcome Stats?'s Image

At Hack Reactor, we believe in giving our students the best experience we can, and that starts before they even apply, with our student outcomes statistics. It’s vital that our applicants know the historical results of our program. This means having airtight, crystal clear standards on how we collect our outcomes data. Today, we are happy to report that our student outcomes have been audited by a third party, who confirmed that we are living up to our own strict standards. Here is the inside story behind our 98% hiring rate and $104,000 average starting salary.

Part I: What Counts as a Job?

Our students don’t just want any job, they come to Hack Reactor for a career transformation. To reflect this, our system only counts work that is full-time, long-term, and has a title containing the words “software,” “developer,” or “engineer.”

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How do we document our outcomes? This is a bigger issue than you might think. Many schools rely on phone or email surveys, and non-responders simply aren’t counted. For us, to go in the success column, we need to see an offer letter for a technical role dated within six months of the student’s graduation. This means our results are verifiable, and no one has to rely on second-hand information.

Part II: Who Counts as a Job-Seeker?

All Hack Reactor students are considered graduates unless they sign a statement to the contrary BEFORE the job search. (At least one prominent coding bootcamp allows students to drop out of their job search months into the process and not count against their stats.)

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Part III: Salary breakdown

Placement rate only tells part of the story. It’s important for applicants to understand where they are likely to enter the job market after completing the program. Salary data, measured by the highest offer made during the job-seeking period, shows the level and desirability of our graduates. We are now reporting, not just the average salary--$104,000--but the spread as well. Here is how our graduates fared in 2015 (note that our stats only account base salary, not bonuses, incentives, etc.):

coding bootcamp, student outcomes, hack reactor

There are many ways to count the successes and failures of a program, and if you dig into the various methodologies out there, you’ll find them all. Integrity is a key value to us, and that starts with how we present ourselves to everyone considering or researching Hack Reactor. Choosing a coding bootcamp is a huge, consequential decision, and we are doing our part to provide the best information we can to help determine what’s best for you.

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