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Addressing data consistency in microservices

Hack Reactor

Understanding how cryptography works is important to the delivery of your application data. Learn more in this video: How Cryptography Works in Network Traffic.

A tenet of microservice-based applications is proper data stewardship, usually with each microservice owning its own data. But microservices still need to function as part of a whole. So how do you determine the proper paradigms and implementations to allow communication with microservices?

During one of our recent professional development workshops, we addressed this very topic, diving into Data Consistency in Microservices. We explored data consistency from the lowest level of the CAP theorem to the reactive, event-driven models that many modern architectures have adopted.

If you missed the session live, we recorded it for your learning and enjoyment whenever you’re able.

View it here.

This topic of discussion was pulled from Week 2 of our Microservices + Orchestration course. Learn more about the course here, including a breakdown of what’s covered during each course session.