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Hack Reactor Grad's Open Source Angular.js Animation Library Makes a Splash

Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor Grad's Open Source Angular.js Animation Library Makes a Splash's Image

Hack Reactor grad Scott Moss whipped up a simple, open source animation library for Angular.js. The library grew out of some work Moss was doing for his personal website:

"I did a deep dive on animations for Angular," Moss explains. "I realized that what I created was a library. So I made it a little more usable, then made it free."

While Moss plans to eventually quadruple the size of the library, it has plenty to offer already:

The library may be the first of its kind, which would help to explain the level of attention it's been getting:

It was one of the top trending JavaScript libraries on github (with 325 github stars) and was written up on DailyJS and Browser App News. The Angular.js team retweeted Scott's library and Angular team member Brad Green gave Scott a shout out on Google+

The beauty of the library is how simple it is to use. Only a surface level knowledge of Angular is required:

"You just add in the name of the animation that you want, and then it works," says Moss.

Because of Moss' work, adding animation to any site just got a lot easier and more efficient for both experts and novices.

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