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Announcing Hack Reactor Core

Owen Poindexter

Announcing Hack Reactor Core's Image

This post originally appeared on our newly launched Hack Reactor Core site.

With an eye toward a future of accelerated growth, Hack Reactor has announced the launch of parent company Hack Reactor Core. This new organizational structure will oversee all schools and initiatives in the network, and allow us to grow at will. In its first major move, Hack Reactor Core has acquired the iOS school Mobile Makers Academy. Each school will have its own CEO, who will be in charge of that school’s success and growth.

“By centralizing key systems and teams into a shared resource at Hack Reactor Core, we are helping our schools to stay focused on education and student outcomes,” Hack Reactor Core CEO Anthony Phillips explains. “Our focus at Core will be building and maintaining the best common tools our schools can imagine, with an emphasis on sharing insights and best practices across every level of our network.”

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Hack Reactor Core will oversee the expanding network of schools: Hack Reactor, Hack Reactor Remote Beta, MakerSquare, Telegraph Academy and now Mobile Makers Academy.

Anthony Phillips becomes the CEO of Hack Reactor Core, while he is replaced as Hack Reactor CEO by school dean, Caroline Esmurdoc. Mobile Makers Academy Director of Education Jessi Chartier has been promoted to CEO.

With our ability to maintain a high quality standard across many schools firmly established, we are ready to turn our attention toward extending our reach and scope. Mobile Makers Academy becomes our first foray into the Midwest and into iOS development. While Hack Reactor made its name as a JavaScript school, we are more broadly concerned with technology education as a whole. Our missions are data-driven education and empowering people, and we will pursue these ideas wherever we believe they will be successful—regardless of location or subject.

“Fundamentally, Hack Reactor Core is about empowering schools to grow and thrive by placing our cutting edge instructional and technological innovations in the hands of strong, independent leaders and educators,” says Phillips. “Hack Reactor Core will support each school’s autonomous operation, innovation and sustainable growth.”

Hack Reactor Core applies the best lessons from the startup world to the realm of education: rapid iteration, gathering and utilizing data, and focusing goals on moving key metrics. We believe these concepts can be an important complement to the hallowed practices of traditional education.

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