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Beats Music, JP Morgan Chase, SalesForce, Yammer and Many More Join Another Successful Hiring Day

Hack Reactor

Representatives from 37 companies, including Beats Music, JP Morgan Chase, Yammer, SalesForce and a diverse collection of small to mid-size companies, gathered at Hack Reactor for our latest Hiring Day. Employers compete to attend the event, in which students showcase their final projects, then conduct a series of 10-minute lightning interviews with employers. The day provides a hyper-efficient forum for our stellar candidates and a variety of top employers to suss each other out. If your company is interested in attending future Hiring Days or bringing in our top-flight Software Engineers, get in touch with us.

 Hiring Day drew a slew of employers from top companies and growing ventures.

Our graduating students get a chance to show off what they are able to do at the end of their time at Hack Reactor during the demo period. In the last part of the Hack Reactor course, students work either for partner clients, such as Famo.us and Hint Health, or build their own apps and programs, some with an eye toward starting a company.

Once students have shown what they can do, it is time for the lightning interviews. Graduating students are matched with employers based on mutual interest and likely fits of the student’s abilities and the employer’s needs. Our Hiring team works hard to ensure that students and employers are well-matched, so it’s no surprise that the lightning interviews frequently lead to formal interviews.

Hack Reactor is first and foremost a school that turns people into ace programmers, but it is also a professional development program: our students leave ready to hit the ground running in mid-senior Software Engineering roles. For many students, Hiring Day is a productive, enjoyable transition point from learner to professional.

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