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Comparison: Programming Bootcamps & College

Shawn Drost

Comparing the Best Programming Bootcamps Vs Each Other and College

If you visit websites like bootcamper.io and bootcamper.in, you'll find there are almost too many coding schools to choose from. Many of them aren't high quality. Assuming you want to learn coding in a place where software engineers are in high demand and highly respected, then it makes sense to compare the best programming bootcamps in S.F.

This question from Quora includes Code Fellows from Seattle, Washington, but also focuses on two of the most well known S.F. programming schools, Dev Bootcamp and Hack Reactor. One of the things we noticed about Code Fellows was their guarantee of a job offer $60,000 or higher. Hack Reactor's programming bootcamp engineers have received an average starting salary over $100,000, which is something to keep in mind from an ROI perspective.

This is one of the most important questions a prospective student should have answered if they're looking to join one of the world's best programming bootcamps. The last thing you want to do is spend thousands of dollars to learn a single language, or just a couple languages, that don't land you the dream job you've been looking for.

Interestingly, even though JavaScript is in high demand and used in every browser in the world, there are still many coding schools out there that don't focus on it at all. JavaScript allows you to create interactive websites and applications in ways that other programming languages don't. Despite the fact that Hack Reactor focuses on JavaScript, students still learn the fundamentals of Ruby/Rails, MongoDB and more. As we've written before, once you understand one programming language, learning another is not very difficult.

Hack Reactor co-founder Shawn Drost addresses the following question below. While he notes that we're more expensive than other programming schools, we also invest a ton of resources into our students and have a 100% hiring rate.

This next question addresses the choice between attending or continuing a college education vs joining one of the best programming bootcamps.


If you look at it from just a numbers perspective, coding schools like Hack Reactor destroy college. Going to a UC school can cost upwards of $120k, and attending a CSU can easily cost $80,000. Interest on student loans increase these costs further. You also have to take into account the direction that these tuition prices are heading: Upwards. The governing bodies of these institutions may decide to raise tuition at any time to make up for budget shortfalls.

With Hack Reactor, costs are roughly $18,000 and our grads are getting six-figure jobs. Also, think about the amount of time and quality of results. College takes 4 years! Programming bootcamps can take just 12 weeks. We have a 100% hiring rate and college students with degrees are still struggling to find work in this tough economy.

Join us and see for yourself what attending one of the best programming bootcamps is all about!