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Congrats to our Round 2 Scholarship Winners

Stephanie Hong

Congrats to our Round 2 Scholarship Winners's Image

Hack Reactor is thrilled to announced the second round of winners of our $1.3 Million Scholarship Fund. It was no easy process selecting these candidates, but with extensive help from our Advisory Board we were able to narrow it down to six incredible applicants!

The Advisory Board took into consideration diversity efforts, financial need, and the impact the scholarship will have not only on the winner but on the community.

We evaluated candidates on their ability to be successful in the program yes, but what stood out about these candidates is that they show a passion for learning and improving their communities.
— Albrey Brown

All of the winners demonstrated themselves to be strong, passionate coders poised to make an impact in their communities and the tech industry at-large.

Without further adieu, here are the stories of our 6 incredible scholarship recipients: 

Andrea Miralles

I graduated from UC Berkeley as a Cognitive Science major, Spanish Linguistics minor, and Pre-medical candidate. I now work at a multi-national tech company as a Content Analyst and Knowledge Engineer and seek to broaden my horizons in tech. A deep interest in human cognition, interaction, and health has driven my academic and career pursuits. My passion for helping others and bridging communities has garnered experiences working with people with disabilities, the elderly, the sick, and minorities. I firmly believe that empowering women is the most critical task of this generation. As a trilingual feminist (English, Spanish, and Tagalog), I plan to use the skills learned at Hack Reactor to further enrich underserved communities, bridge gaps in access to resources, and combat gender inequality. 

Clarence Bowen

I attended, and graduated from New York University with a B.A. in Mathematics. After graduation, I decided to embark on a career in technology primarily taking on roles with a heavy concentration in data engineering, while also teaching myself web development through various personal data-centric projects. My fascination with data architecture and analysis, continually drives me to learn more about web development so that I can better build data products for the web. To that end, I am ecstatic to join Hack Reactor to further broaden, and sharpen my full-stack development knowledge and skills in a more structured manner.

Daesy Ramos

I was born and raised in Lima, Peru and came to the United States at the age of 17. First, living in New York and now living in California. I have always been drawn to mathematics and science. I am very self motivated. As well as, a mother of 3 kids that loves, and enjoys new challenges. I am a strong believer in that we should always push and challenge ourselves to be better.  My goal is to become a software engineer and work closely with robotics. 

Sara Daqiq

I am an international student. I completed my major in Information Systems and my minor in Psychology at Georgetown College. I am a women rights advocate and have worked with non-profit organizations both inside and outside of the United States. In college, I brought handicrafts made by Afghan women and sold them in the U.S. and then returned the profit back to the women so they could support themselves financially. In the U.S., I have worked with Girls Who Code -- a non-profit organization -- to help high school students see Computer Science as a possible major. My hobbies include yoga, biking, and reading, in addition to programming, of course!

Sheena Ramirez

I have had a nearly lifelong interest in programming, having been influenced by my mother who taught herself to program in multiple languages when I was growing up. While I spent more than a decade working as a business journalist, I continued to study coding in my spare time. Now, I am ready to pursue coding full-time by studying with Hack Reactor and becoming a software engineer -- a move that will allow me to follow a long-time goal and help provide economic stability for my family.

Yermek Alzhanov

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for this invaluable opportunity and it is truly an honor to be selected as one of the recipients for the Hack Reactor scholarship. The financial generosity will put me one step closer to pursuing my dream and I am inspired by your investment in my future. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Hack Reactor in supporting my education. 


Let's give these incredible winners a round of applause! We can't wait to see what things they accomplish during and after the Hack Reactor program.


You could be a Scholarship recipient too! The next application window opens April 3rd so get ready by taking our Free Intro to JavaScript Course.

Read more about the $1.3 Million Dollar Hack Reactor Scholarship Fund and learn more tips from Albrey Brown on how to be a scholarship finalist.

The next application window for the Hack Reactor Scholarship runs April 3rd to May 19th. Best of luck and congratulations again to our most recent winners!

Big thanks to the Hack Reactor Advisory Board: Alexandra Cavoulacos, Co-founder of The Muse, Alaina Percival, CEO of Women Who Code, Tiffany Price, Community Engagement Manager at the Kapor Center for Social Impact, Dom Brassey, VP of Growth at Lesbians Who Tech and Albrey Brown, Founder of Telegraph Academy.