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Brandcast Hosts React Animations Hackathon for Hack Reactor Community

Owen Poindexter

Brandcast Hosts React Animations Hackathon for Hack Reactor Community's Image

Our hackers will have a night to explore animations in React with a team of professional software developers at Re-Animated, a hackathon hosted by hiring partner Brandcast. A microsite design platform, Brandcast allows for code-free building of professional, mobile-ready websites. They are hosting this event exclusively for Hack Reactor students and graduates.

The focus for the night will be on animations in Facebook’s groundbreaking JavaScript technology React. Released three years ago, React has become an increasingly popular tool for developers.

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell when something is going to be a fad,” says Hack Reactor’s Lead Curriculum Engineer Josh Wyatt. “With React, there are good signs it has staying power. Alumni say they are building in it, and it’s been battle tested by Facebook.” Wyatt helped build a new curriculum module focused on React and ES6.

The evening will kick off with a talk by one of Brandcast’s engineers that learned their trade at Hack Reactor. One of our hiring partners, Brandcast has brought on several Hack Reactor graduates and they are eager to meet more of our engineers.

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"Brandcast has been a great friend of Hack Reactor since its inception,” says Conor Egan, Brandcast’s Chief Product Officer. “We've had a number of Hack Reactor graduates join the team and develop very quickly by working on the most cutting-edge technologies and design patterns.”  

After the talk, participants will break into teams and receive the hackathon prompt. For the rest of the night, engineers will work together to build something memorable (with plenty of fuel in the form of pizza, beer and soft drinks).

Brandcast is interested in getting to know the latest group of Hack Reactor engineers, not just because of the top talent that comes out of the school, but also because Brandcast has observed that the two organizations have a similar ethos in diving headfirst into bleeding edge tech.

“The same ideals that make Hack Reactor such a great way to jumpstart your development career permeate Brandcast as well, and make us great partners in finding and developing new engineers," says Egan.

Member of the Hack Reactor community? Sign up for the hackathon here. Would you like to be part of the Hack Reactor community? Time to apply!

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