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Coding Boot Camps: 5 Prospective Student Questions Answered

Shawn Drost

Hack Reactor's instructors have found an entire community of prospective coding boot camp students on Quora. These potential applicants are curious about our growing industry - an industry that is annihilating college when it comes to ROI (and time invested). Recognizing that we're in a position to offer our expertise, we've answered dozens of coding boot camp related queries, and now we're listing five that we think you'll find essential as a future coding boot camp engineer.

We encourage you to create a Quora account if you don't already have one and join your peers in exploring the benefits of developer schools like Hack Reactor.

1. For future developers who haven't narrowed down their developer boot camp options, this answer below will point you toward the cream of the crop. Hack Reactor is proud to be among the best programming schools available and we ensure companies and prospective employers appreciate our brand by limiting who we admit to our academy. Like they say in Top Gun, "We are the best of the best of the best of the best!"


2. If you're too inexperienced to enter Hack Reactor's program, you'll be weeded out during the application process. This saves you your time and money, and more importantly it let's you know what you need to work on before attending a coding boot camp like ours. As we like to say, we're not a 0 to 60 academy, we're 20 to 80.



3. Which San Francisco coding boot camp should you choose? The question is everywhere, but the answers are not. Below, a former Hack Reactor engineer describes in great detail the determining factors that led him to choose our academy over Dev Bootcamp. Consider that we focus on rich, interactive applications built in JavaScript because that's what businesses are demanding. We also offer twice as many hours of instruction.


4. Our answer here clarifies our tuition and also addresses the different payment options we provide. Many of our developers use the deferral program, where total payment is completed after graduation. Unlike college or graduate school, coding boot camps don't saddle their students with debts they'll be paying off in their 50's.

 We're continuing  to network with businesses like Pearson to create more scholarships and keep our tuition affordable.


5. Hack Reactor has an established hiring process and provides mock interviews to every single student. Our last cohort had a 100% hiring rate, with some attaining six-figure salaries. Team member Adrian Khoo has been supporting our initiative to have students find paid, real-world projects while they attend Hack Reactor, and Olivia Watkins, Hack Reactor's leader on business outreach, has organized "Hiring Day" for every graduating class.

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