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Coding Bootcamp Reviews: Engineers Give Feedback

Shawn Drost

Coding Bootcamp Reviews from Former Students

According to bootcamper.io, a prominent directory of coding bootcamps, there are at least 40 schools for prospective coders to choose from. Some people have seen directories where there are almost a 100. This creates a huge pool of coding bootcamp graduates, whose reviews are scattered all over the web. Below you'll find legitimate coding bootcamp reviews of Hack Reactor, our one-year-old San Francisco program.

Answers about what the best coding bootcamps are can be found on Quora and in one of our recent blog posts. We're grateful for each and every review, and without our awesome students, none of the strides we've made this past year would be possible.

Peter's story was so awesome, we singled him out in a blog post in June titled "A Computer Programming School Success Story." 

It's common for us to take in interested engineers who majored in a previous field, started their career in that field, and ended up wanting something more. We especially want to highlight the value of having expert instructors on the team. Definitely look for information about staff when you're searching through coding bootcamp reviews.

As I write this, Coleman is sitting at a table 10 yards away from me. While there are many advantages to making a great impression on our developers, one unsuspecting bonus is how often they come back. They can share their experience, advice, interview tips and more with our current students, passing along invaluable knowledge and establishing one of the best alumni networks in the industry. (Check out this panel of alumni talking about tech interviews, jobs and their coding experience.)

Aside from the in-person visits, we're in constant email contact with alumni and every cohort has their own email address, allowing them to schedule social outings, news of upcoming parties and updates on their career.

For those who are attending college and plowing through CS courses, how would you describe your learning experience? Greg's point about learning more in three months than he did during his four years at a university is astounding. If you ask around the tech world, the value of a CS degree isn't what it used to be, and data backs that up. Plenty of new developers have been hired without having said degree on their resume. 

Greg also talked a lot about quality in his review, and that's something applicants should really investigate and not be afraid to invest heavily in.  Surround yourself with instructors from legit tech companies and peers that you can learn from, not the other way around.


What Do You Look for In Coding Bootcamp Reviews?

No two people assign the same value to curriculum, instructors, length of program or other variables associated with coding bootcamps. The more we talk to interested coders, the more we find diversity in what influences their education and career choices.

As you move forward in your coding education, what factors do you take into account? If you're thinking about attending a coding bootcamp, what qualities do you find most important?

For more information - about all coding schools, not just ours -  shoot us an email at contact@hackreactor.com. Good luck!