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Coding Schools: The Most Impressive Student Web Apps

Hack Reactor

Not too long ago, one curious computer programmer interested in coding schools posted a question on Quora: "What are the most impressive web apps created by students while attending coding schools like Hack Reactor, Dev Bootcamp, etc.?"

(Read about Reddit Insight on TechCrunch here!)

Hack Reactor is working hard to share information about our amazing student projects. One such collaboration is "stretching the boundaries of distributed computing." A super computer, created by Cameron Boehmer, John S. Dvorak, Tim Sze and Ruan Pethiyagoda, was featured prominently in Wired magazine. The group had found a way to use the processing power of thousands of computers by pointing them to a single website.


Wired's Klint Finley wrote glowingly about Hack Reactor's immersive educational environment and group work. "Hack Reactor is a place where you learn by practice. When you show up, you’re tossed into a group of other students and you’re all given a common project meant to further your understanding of computer science and engineering."

Fairly soon, Hack Reactor will have web pages and galleries devoted to our projects for prospective students and employers to see. All prospective students and employers are encouraged to email projectcoordinator@hackreactor.com if they have any questions or new project ideas.

Hack Reactor's programming bootcamp curriculum is unique from most coding schools in that with every cohort we try to improve and enhance the scope of our student projects. Our instructors are constantly refining their methods so students can achieve the highest possible outcome. We place a high premium on real-world work, and believe that projects we do with employers help best prepare our graduates for their first web or software developer job.

Here's one response to the question about student apps posted on Quora.



Eric Levin's Student Project Inspired by Alan Watts

This one you have to see to believe. Levin provides a great combination of audio and visual stimulation, plus a few nuggets to brain chew on!



 Save the World

This above screenshot features a very cool app that should help students of all ages master geography. To save countries from being blown up by an enormous meteor, players of this game must guess the country's correct name. It's a lot more challenging then you think, and there's no time for Google!

Coding Schools: See What Our Students Are Working On

Current Hack Reactor student Kevin Smith actually made a very thorough list of our students' blogs. Kevin is working on a very cool project himself that involves poker analytics and individual player ROI tracking.

"I have so many project ideas for cool apps I could build with all of this new-found knowledge, but no time to start any of them right now," Smith writes. "I am hoping for some time off at the end of this course to pick a few of the best ideas and actually get them built as portfolio pieces."