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Computer architecture from top to bottom

Hack Reactor

Computer architecture from top to bottom

If you’re the type of person who wants to deeply understand the organization and architecture of modern computing devices, then we have recorded learning that you’re sure to enjoy.

Last night, as part of our ongoing professional development learning series, our VP of ProDev Curtis Schlak hosted Computer Architecture from Top to Bottom. He started with the “box” that is your computer, moving on to analyze it, layer by layer, until getting down to the most primitive silicon transistors on the chips.

As he pulls back each layer, he helps you understand how the components interact with one another, from the CPU down to the tiniest flip-flop.

Check it out here.

This topic of discussion was pulled from Week 1 of our Computer Architecture + IoT course. Learn more about the course here, including a breakdown of what’s covered during each course session.