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Computer Programming Courses and the Art of Coding

Hack Reactor

For many people, the idea of learning to program is boring. It's redundant, overly technical, meticulous work done by uninspired drones glued to their laptops 24 hours a day...isn't it?

Computer Programming Courses: No, It's Not Boring!

Part-time Hack Reactor instructor Robert Fletcher disagrees with those who characterize coding as dull. Fletcher wrote an amazing answer to the Quora question, "Why should a 20-year-old art student learn to code?"

His response might surprise you, as Fletcher makes a great case that coding is in fact an art form; exciting, beautiful and much like other creative professions.

Fletcher's answer is revealing and inspiring. It's not often you hear coders talk about their work in comparison to poetry, but it makes sense. JavaScript, Ruby, Python...they're called languages for a reason. They provide a way for computers to communicate with themselves and their users, and how that conversation goes is entirely up to the creator (i.e. the coder). It's incredibly powerful to have that ability.

Think of computer programming courses as something that could be exciting and new, filled with possibilities and a chance at a new career, if that's your ambition.

Why You Should Take Computer Programming Courses

Is taking computer programming courses the new hotness? It sure seems like it (we can all thank Mayor Bloomberg for that, right?)

For many non-tech junkies, the rise of Code Academyimmersive programming schools and open-source education has unveiled much of the mystery around web and software development. Finally, people don't have to take four years of CS to build a simple app or website.

Nowadays, public schools are also working to add more computer programming courses to their curriculum, as many people agree that learning to code can provide valuable critical thinking skills. It's something that is beneficial even if you're not interested in making a career out of it. It also helps if you're learning at a development bootcamp like Hack Reactor:

For a list of places that can get you started with learning to code, explore the links below, and read the first answer to this Quora question.