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Congrats to our Four Fall Scholarship Winners

Albrey Brown

Congrats to our Four Fall Scholarship Winners's Image

After much deliberation and sorting through hundreds of applications, Hack Reactor and our dedicated Advisory Board are pleased to announce the 4 newest recipients of Hack Reactor’s full tuition scholarship.

The Board was focused on finding applicants with a clear passion for software engineering, dedication to changing their careers, and a thoughtful articulation of financial need.

Here are the stories about our winners. We can’t wait to see the great things these recipients will do with their Hack Reactor education!

Adelle Housker grew up doing chores on a family farm in Southeastern Minnesota, the daughter of a retired Naval Cryptologic Technician.  Motivated by a curiosity to get material for a book she was writing, and convinced that she would find insight into ameliorating the stagnancy of a largely forgotten demographic, she managed to secure affordable housing in Boston, making the move without her parents’ consent and doing so on the meager savings of a minimum wage cashier.  She is interested in using technology to bridge the urban-rural divide, developing harvesting robots to alleviate dangerous, back-breaking labor, and e-commerce to directly connect producers to their markets.  It is important to connect our capabilities as inventive problem-solvers with work that is compassionate and timely.  With these in our toolkit, we can help those who have seen their small communities deteriorate in the modern age, those upon whom we depend now more than ever to steward the land that has been the source of our climate woes and species loss, but also of our rich wealth in commodities and raw materials.

Jacob Perez was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. From a very young age Jacob's world was ruled by numbers and his paired love of math and technology led him directly to computer science. He has a passion for teaching and has tutored math at his local community college, where he found and fostered his passion for inspiring young minds. He is eager to begin the Hack Reactor program, and looks forward to combining his passion for teaching with his love of technology and computer engineering. He looks forward to providing underrepresented students with an online platform and resources to thrive in the tech field.  

Originally from Upstate NY, Katelyn has been living in Brooklyn for the past 8 years. After working as a bartender for 4 years, she grew unsatisfied with the work and looked elsewhere for a career change. Coding had always been a hobby growing up, so she decided to re-learn the basics and see where it would take her. An interest became a fully immersed passion when she found ways to combine her creative background with her interest in technology and problem-solving. Kate is very excited for the opportunity to further develop her skills at Hack Reactor, and hopes to help inspire others to take control of their future and never stop learning.

After studying Psychology at UC Berkeley and Social Work at Humboldt State University, Michelle became a birth doula, childbirth educator, and hypnotherapist.  She and her husband own a private hypnotherapy practice in Sacramento, CA, teaching hypnosis for childbirth and supporting people to overcome obstacles, meet their goals, and shift negative mental models.  Michelle is inspired by the intersection between emerging technologies and societal and individual wellness.  Michelle is excited to explore the many possibilities for using technology to improve human quality of life.  She is so appreciative for this scholarship and the opportunity to study with Hack Reactor.  In her free time, you can find her nose in a book, feet on the dance floor, or hands in a board game.

Let's give these incredible winners a round of applause! We can't wait to see what things they accomplish during and after the Hack Reactor program.

You could be a Scholarship recipient too! The next application window opens September 9th so get ready by taking our Free Intro to JavaScript Course.

Read more about the $1.3 Million Dollar Hack Reactor Scholarship Fund and learn more tips from Albrey Brown on how to be a scholarship finalist.

The next application window for the Hack Reactor Scholarship runs September 9th to November 11th. Best of luck and congratulations again to our most recent winners!

Big thanks to the Hack Reactor Advisory Board: Alexandra Cavoulacos, Co-founder of The Muse, Alaina Percival, CEO of Women Who Code, Tiffany Price, Community Engagement Manager at the Kapor Center for Social Impact, Dom Brassey, VP of Growth at Lesbians Who Tech and Albrey Brown, Founder of Telegraph Academy.