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Congrats to our Summer 2018 Scholarship Winners

Gaby Dumit

Congrats to our Summer 2018 Scholarship Winners's Image

After much deliberation and sorting through hundreds of applications, Hack Reactor and our dedicated Advisory Board are pleased to announce the 2 newest recipients of Hack Reactor’s full tuition scholarship, and 4 recipients of the Hack Reactor half scholarship.

The Board was impressed with their stories, passion, and drive on their journey toward changing their life through Hack Reactor.

Here are the stories about our winners. We can’t wait to see the great things these recipients will do with their Hack Reactor education!

Lisette Hamilton:

After graduating UC Berkeley with a B.A in Integrative Biology, Lisette wanted to work with disadvantaged communities to increase health literacy and awareness. She became a medical assistant at a non-profit women’s clinic in the very neighborhood she grew up in. While there, she became fascinated in the applications, and technology that helped patients reach their health goals. Knowing that she had enjoyed a statistical programming class in college, she decided to try Hack Reactor’s Structured Study Program (SSP). The experience left her inspired to continue learning how to code so she can one day build powerful applications for those who need them most.

Susie  Chhuor:

Susie Chhuor was originally a small business owner with no prior programming experience under her belt. However, after many years of entrepreneurship managing clients, employees, stress and testing her patience level as well as, problem-solving skills she knew it was time to move on to new experiences. She discovered a joy in problem-solving when she started working with JavaScript.  With a constant hunger for challenges and drive to constantly learn and nourish her mind, she knew that a career as a developer would be able to satiate her thirst when considering the tech industry's fast pace approaches and introduction to new languages, frameworks, and techniques. As a female engineer, Susie hopes to not only serve as a significant asset to the tech industry with her knowledge but also hopes that she will be able to encourage other women to take a step towards becoming a developer.

Celeste Zamora:

Celeste Zamora grew up in East Los Angeles and in a small town in central Mexico. After earning a degree in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley she became the first member in her family to graduate from college. Coding has always been a hobby she dabbled in and she has decided to merge her creative passion and her love for coding to make a career change. In her free time, you can find her putting a guitar through as many pedals available and making music. She's looking forward to developing her skills at Hack Reactor in hopes to create solutions that keep the world open and accessible to everyone.

Sophia Lee:

Sophia Lee grew up in New Jersey, and after graduating from the University of Virginia, worked in finance in New York City. Looking for more creative and meaningful work, she did digital marketing for startups and taught at a coding program for kids. Inspired by her students, she decided to devote herself fully to software engineering. She is so grateful to receive this scholarship and is very excited about the opportunity to learn and grow at Hack Reactor.

Milena Milano:

Milena Milano grew up in Caracas, Venezuela. After moving to Vancouver, Canada in 2006 to pursue her Graphic Design degree at the Art Institute of Vancouver, she moved to NYC to attend the School of Visual Arts and started her career. She went on to work in social media in the fashion industry. It was during this period that Milena realized how important having programming skills truly was. After a few years, she moved her family to New Jersey and began to work with small business owners, assisting them with their digital needs. Milena is eager to start her journey with Hack Reactor and can't wait to implement the new skills she will learn during this time.

Deepali Garg:

Deepali Garg is a passionate public school educator. With a major in Electrical Engineering, she has worked hard for the past thirteen years to impart her love of learning to students in middle and high school by teaching them math and computer science. She has also sponsored academic after-school programs such as 'Girls Who Code,' Destination Imagination', Math Club', and 'Quiz Bowl.' In addition to teaching, Deepali loves to code. She says that coding is like a puzzle that keeps her mind engaged and happy. She plans to help the community by developing interactive software to further student learning, volunteering her time to help people with economic hardships study computer science and change their lives and motivating women to believe that coding is a job they can easily do.

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