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Denver Coding Bootcamp Information

Hack Reactor

Denver Coding Bootcamp

By Kevin Juhasz
For Hack Reactor

Editorial Note: Our Denver campus is currently open for coworking, but all of our bootcamps are being taught live online until at least February, 2022 due to the pandemic. If you’re in Denver, we still encourage you to check out our bustling campus! 

Over the last 25 years, Denver has grown and modernized to become a vibrant city to live in, get an education, and launch a career in tech. Tech companies and other businesses have taken note that Denver’s central-U.S. location, coupled with its diversity and wide-ranging local activities and opportunities, have made the city one of the best places to enjoy work-life balance and sustain a career. 

If you’re interested in software engineering and considering a coding bootcamp in Denver, read below for more information on what we offer and why we think Denver is a great place to become a software engineer. 

The job outlook in Colorado

The software engineering sector is looking at a 22% increase in employment over the next decade, which is more than three times the national average. As a state, Colorado is ranked third for concentration of tech jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, and it’s only one of about a dozen states in the country where the average salary runs above $110,000. 

Denver itself consistently ranks in the top 20 on lists of the best tech jobs, and the Denver Metro area, which includes nearby Boulder, have major tech company headquarters or offices, including Arrow Electronics, Google, HomeAdvisor, Oracle, United Launch Alliance, and many others.

But Denver isn’t just a good place to get a job with an existing company. It’s also one of the top cities to start your own tech company. In fact, Embroker named Denver as the most affordable place for startup costs.

Home of a vibrant (and growing) tech community

If you’re looking for fellow tech enthusiasts to connect with, then Denver is one of the top cities for you. Boulder-based New Tech Colorado (more than 14,000 members) and Denver-based Creative Connections (more than 10,000 members) are always looking to grow. If you’re looking for something a bit smaller or more focused, a quick search on Meetup will introduce you to many options. 

If you enroll in our Denver-based Hack Reactor 12-week immersive software engineering program, you’ll have an opportunity to network during our own meetups and happy hours throughout your time with us and afterward. Just like the other tech communities in the area, we’re always looking to grow and add new software engineers to our event and networking opportunities. 

An expanding city infrastructure

Denver continues to expand its light rail and bus lines across the city, while also making significant improvements to roads and highways. Nearby Boulder has always been very friendly for bikers and walkers, and Denver is working to make its own downtown just as friendly. Other surrounding cities have also grasped the need to improve infrastructure in similar ways and are working on it, which makes the region as a whole more friendly for all types of movement and transportation. 

While doing so, Denver and the surrounding areas are always looking to be greener and build a more sustainable environment for citizens and businesses.

Culture and activities

Whether you prefer the outdoors, urban living, or a nice balance of both, Denver has a lot to offer. 

For the outdoor types, it’s hard to find a place more beautiful than the Rocky Mountains. Stretching the length of the state, there are many places to visit in the summer for hiking, whitewater rafting, climbing, fishing, and more. When the snow falls, there’s an extensive amount of ski areas designed to fit almost any budget or level of experience.

For those who enjoy a more urban setting, Denver has an outstanding selection of restaurants, nightclubs, museums, arts, and attractions. 

If you’re into sports, Denver is home to a variety of major league teams and has numerous opportunities for those who like to play. Denver also boasts Red Rocks, undeniably one of the most amazing places where you can hike, exercise, go to a concert, watch a movie, and more. 

Our Galvanize campus

Now that you’ve seen why Denver is a great city to get your education and pursue your career, let’s take a closer look at the Galvanize Denver campus

Location – Situated in the outskirts of northeast downtown Denver, our Galvanize campus is easy to access via public transportation or car. It’s also set among an excellent selection of restaurants, as well as the Platte River and several parks.

Curriculum – Our software engineering program trains students to be software engineers fully capable of tackling unique and unfamiliar problems and building complex applications on the job. We train them to have in-demand technical skills, clear communication skills, and the ability to work autonomously. They’ll learn JavaScript, learn to code, and so much more. 

Coworking space – This location includes a coworking space filled with other tech companies and startups that can help you grow your career after your bootcamp.

Tech ecosystem – All of the above is designed to provide our students with an excellent coding bootcamp experience in Denver. We want students to learn while immersing themselves in the tech culture and community that Galvanize has helped to grow in this bustling and beautiful city. 

Check out our other Galvanize campuses here. All are great places for coworking and for learning software engineering through our coding bootcamps. 

Want more information? Attend an upcoming info session!

To learn even more about each program, we invite you to attend upcoming live online info sessions to hear directly from our team and get all your questions answered in real-time. 

  • See upcoming dates for our 12-week and 36-week immersive info sessions here

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