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Choosing Between Dev Bootcamp and Hack Reactor for a Programming Bootcamp

Hack Reactor

"How do I decide between Dev Bootcamp and Hack Reactor?"

Today we visit Quora for all the information you could ever want about the topic of development boot camps. You can see more answers to questions about similar programs at our Hack Reactor Quora page.

Hack Reactor Admissions Challenge

The admissions criteria and process for getting into Hack Reactor is challenging. The pay off is that you'll be working side by side with peers who are insanely talented. Rather than this being intimidating in any way, you'll find that your learning is far more enhanced. (Check out our new application coding challenge here.)

Return on Investment

From an ROI standpoint, we have a 98% hiring rate, with average starting salary offers of $110,000. Industry wide, there are no other immersion schools who have been able to meet these results. 

Hack Reactor Program Details

Hack Reactor focuses on JavaScript because we believe in its value now and well into the future. Hack Reactor features amazing instructors who come from strong tech backgrounds and careers at Google, Twitter, OKCupid Labs, Adobe, WalMart Labs and more. 

Curriculum wise, we offer 800 hours of total in house instruction during 12 weeks.

We feel our prerequisites and high applicant to student ratio are what make us the best brand of all immersion schools, which helps you a ton when you look for job.

Class Size and Instructor Ratio

Hack Reactor has recently upped its class size to 30.

We have a 4-1 student to instructor ratio and we especially take pride in the amount of time outside the classroom we devote to our students. We're always available for late night emails, early morning one-on-one sessions, extra interview prep before you hit the job market, and even post program help.

Plenty of Hack Reactor students will visit the school after graduation to seek counseling on job offers and employment opportunities, which we're more than happy to assist with. Hack Reactor hosts 25-30 companies every Hiring Day.

Hack Reactor Reviews

Hack Reactor has an average review of 5 stars on Yelp and Quora

For more student reviews of Hack Reactor, you can visit this blog post.

You can also get more in-depth info about our program by checking out this handy FAQ page created by co-founder Doug Calhoun.