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Hack Reactor's Development Sprint Service: Leverage Our Full-Stack Developers for Your Startup or Growth Company

Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor is a leading software career accelerator where over twelve weeks we raise the skill level of engineers to an elite status. These programmers end up working for incredible companies, making headlines on Tech Crunch or Hacker News and building supercomputers to break world records.

/DEV is our invitation for the most exciting startups and growth companies - leverage our developers today to fuel your team!


(Hack Reactor's latest project directed success)

Product Development Sprints

Build your next product, app, feature or extension through a Hack Reactor Product Development Sprint:

  1. Handpicked, full-stack JavaScript developers from a leading academy
  2. Project managed & mentored by alumni of Google, Twitter, Adobe, and more
  3. Ultra-motivated to build something extraordinary over 2-3 weeks to show
  4. Self-managed team, prod-ready code, success-based fixed bounty

Quality of Mentorship

Hack Reactor's programmers work directly under the most talented software engineers from the private sector. Our instructors have worked for companies like Google, Twitter, OKCupidLabs, Mozilla, Survey Monkey and many other name brand tech leaders. Together, they can debug any coding problem, and ensure that our software engineers build a solid, thriving foundation of code during their projects. Every project includes a thorough process of code reviews and clear communication through daily scrums and milestone reports.

A Track Record of Success

We've developed breakthrough apps, features and extensions for incredible startups from pre-seed to Series C, including companies in the world's top accelerator programs (YCombinator, 500 Startups, Imagine K12, StartX) and venture-backed networks (Andreessen Horowitz, True Ventures, Foundry Group).  Specific examples include our work with:

  1. LearningJar: Built a complete new iteration of the core product (e-learning platform) at a seed-funded early stage startup
  2. Pixlee: Created proof-of-concept photo recognition and display features for a rapidly growing Andressen Horowitz funded media company
  3. ActivityHero: Engineered a reviews & endorsement system for a 500 Startups funded online marketplace
  4. StockTwits: Developed production-ready features and extensions for a Series C professional social network with over 400k users and reaching an audience of 40 million

What can we do for you?

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Hiring Day

Find your next full-stack developer by attending a Hack Reactor Hiring Day.

Our developers have very solid JS skills including Backbone, Node/Express, D3, Mocha, are very fast learners, have solid fundamentals around data structures, runtime complexity, MVC/code patterns, (code) interface design, TDD, and experience with Rails as an API layer.

Hack Reactor graduates over 150 full-stack JavaScript developers a year, with a track record of 100% placement. Recruiting companies have included major leading tech companies such as Salesforce, Groupon, Zendesk, Adobe, Klout, Pivotal Labs, etc. Startups have also chosen our software engineers to be early employees (e.g. Employee #1 at Boatbound).

Our hiring day will feature project demos, brief 1:1 interviews and the ability to casually continue conversations over food and drinks. You may follow up with individual candidates to continue the hiring process at your discretion.

Looking for top talent?

Drop a line to hiring-team@hackreactor.com