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Development Bootcamp: Graduate Reviews and Testimonials

Hack Reactor

Development Bootcamp: Hack Reactor Students Share Amazing Reviews

Plunging headfirst into a development bootcamp is a huge decision for all our applicants. You may be forced to leave your current job, move cities or temporarily say goodbye to loved ones.

You'll dig around online for reviews, read about program details and about the job placement process post graduation, but nothing quite settles a prospective applicants questions like real testimonials from students.

(Of course, our 98% hiring rate and $110K average starting salary help, too.)

Read below to see what Hack Reactor's development bootcamp alumni had to say about their life changing experience with us.


That Right Choice

"It feels like I’ve learned more in a week than I normally learn in a half year’s time. The curriculum seems to be perfectly formed...with short, interactive lectures followed by immediately heading over to our workstations and implementing assignments based on the content we just learned. Our lecturer, Marcus, is an amazing teacher." - Eric Levin, Hack Reactor Student. 

"I’m announcing here that I have signed my offer letter and have a new job! Starting July 15th, I will be a Software Engineer for Slideshare/LinkedIn. I’m ecstatic and excited about the opportunity as I will be tackling becoming a full stack + DevOps engineer. Special thanks to everyone, especially Hack Reactor for helping me achieve my goal. It’s crazy to think 4 months ago when I started this blog that I achieved what I originally set out to do!" - Mark Lee, Hack Reactor Alumnus. 

"3 weeks into the program, I have absolutely no buyers remorse (which I have felt 3 weeks into part-time long-form courses). I’ve been able to get the structure, support and help I’ve needed to get myself unstuck (there is a no-grinding policy) and back to focusing my limited time and energy on the things that will move me away from tutorials and the basics and into making and building awesome stuff." - Mike Adams, Hack Reactor Alumnus.

"The teachers are knowledgeable, attentive and explain the concepts well, the students are smart and vocal, lectures are highly interactive. It is a pleasure being surrounded with such people.  The senior class (7 weeks ahead) are in the same room as the junior class, so everyone that is just starting out can look at the senior student’s projects and see just what is possible, which is a huge confidence boost. Joining HackReactor has been the right move.  It’s a game changer." - Alex Gaputin, Hack Reactor Alumnus

"This past Friday, Hack Reactor hosted Jeff Dickey, an engineer from Tapjoy, to lead a discussion on the hiring and onboarding process for junior engineers. His presentation addressed environments that we should target as junior engineers as well as the firms’ perspectives when deciding whether to add junior or senior team members…The lecture was fantastic and provided Hack Reactor with some great perspective on not only the hiring process but also the on boarding process." - Andreas Nauleau, Hack Reactor Alumnus

"Just finished the first six days of Hack Reactor.  I’m blown away by how much information I’ve been exposed to in such a short period of time. The hours are significant, but what makes the class truly noteworthy is the rate at which information is being provided...I’m excited by how much I’m going to learn in this program." - Jake Seip, Hack Reactor Alumnus

"I just finished my first week learning front-end web development at Hack Reactor. (Hack Reactor – Learn Javascript, HTML, CSS, and jQuery). Hack Reactor has exceeded my expectations, which were pretty high. I'm learning much faster here than on my own. A few of the students were talking last night about how nice it is to turn off your phone for a few hours and just immerse yourself in a problem. It feels really great to work my mind this hard after working in retail for a while. I love feeding off the other students' and teachers' excitement, too. - Coleman Foley, Hack Reactor Alumnus

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