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Intro to Leap Motion w/Three.js--March 28 Hack Reactor Event

Hack Reactor

Intro to Leap Motion w/Three.js--March 28 Hack Reactor Event's Image

Dave Edelhart, a Developer Experience Engineer at Leap Motion was onsite at Hack Reactor with 30+ Leap Motions for students and attendees. He presented "Intro to Leap Motion w/Three.js" followed by a few hours of hands on coding.

Hack Reactor is a unique coding school for many reasons, but our connections to the JavaScript community, seasoned Software Engineers, and real-time innovation in the industry--like virtual reality company Leap Motion--set us apart. The Leap Motion Controller was named a Top 10 Gadget in 2013 by Time.

Twenty attendees made this MeetUp an intimate and collaborative experience. Hack Reactor students were expected to have access to:

* an ide/text editor like WebStorm 
* the Chrome web browser 
* an active GitHub account so they could pull files during the meeting

Students were also asked to  download the installation software for the Leap drivers. To help students get the most out of the event, Bianca Gandolfo, Hack Reactor grad and co-organizer also shared pre-event prep: Featured three.js projects and Leap Motion's Developer Guide.

And Dave shared the full slide deck of the presentation.

Wish you'd been part of it? Learn more about the Hack Reactor student community. Or apply now

Mark your calendars for future events:

TODAY! Mon, March 31, Dave Fetterman teaches Intro to the Famo.us Framework 

Dave Fetterman is the VP of Engineering at Famo.us and previously held roles at Facebook, including Engineering Hiring Manager. Famo.us is a JavaScript engine and framework that solves HTML5 performance. In addition to Hack Reactor students, attendees should have strong proficiency in JavaScript (know other client-side frameworks). 

Wed, April 2, Gary Ryan teaches "Learn Polymer"

Gary Ryan is a software Engineer at Brandcast, a next generation content management system. He works primarily on developing a full-stack framework. On Wed he will be teaching an introductory workshop on building a Polymer element. In addition to Hack Reactor students, attendees should be developers comfortable with JavaScript and have some understanding of front-end frameworks like Backbone or Angular. 

Mon, April 7 "JS Study Group: Algorithms" 

Both Events are at Hack Reactor HQ, 944 Market St. SF, CA.