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Expanding our Network: Hack Reactor Acquires MakerSquare

Rachel Rocero

Expanding our Network: Hack Reactor Acquires MakerSquare's Image

The team here at Hack Reactor has big news that we’re happy to share.  As you may have heard, we’ve reached an agreement to acquire MakerSquare, pending regulatory review. We couldn’t be more excited! MakerSquare is a leading coding school with campuses in San Francisco and Austin. They are the first school to become part of our “extension school” program, a partnership-based model to allow new or existing schools to leverage the systems and resources that Hack Reactor uses to train software engineers. We’re looking forward to transforming education together through this relationship and helping our programs grow to reach more students and serve the national demand for software engineers.

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Hack Reactor is excited to announce that we have acquired top coding school MakerSquare.

We know you’ve got questions, and we’re happy to answer them.


Why acquire MakerSquare?

The coding bootcamp space was valued at $59mm in 2014, and will undoubtedly grow. As the demand for quality software engineers continues to rise and Accelerated Learning Programs (ALPs) become more prevalent, there is an opportunity to create a network of high quality immersive learning programs that share the same focus on student outcomes.

We identified MakerSquare as one of the best coding schools in the country. Their aim is for students to take away two things: an exceptional understanding of JavaScript, and a fundamental understanding of software engineering principles, both of which support a long and successful programming career. These goals resonated with ours; and like us, MakerSquare were leaders when it came to student outcomes, quality teaching and strength of alumni network.

Hack Reactor and MakerSquare share the same vision for the future of education, software engineering and empowering students. It was a natural match to combine the best minds in the industry together.


What changes?

MakerSquare will continue to operate independently, in partnership with Hack Reactor. The names and brands of each school will remain the same. MakerSquare will adopt a new JavaScript-focused curriculum based on that used at Hack Reactor’s flagship Market Street school, as well as gain access to our world class career services resources. Both schools will align around academic goals and technical admissions standards, while maintaining their individual character and teaching styles.

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A Hack Reactor class in session. The two schools will each maintain their unique atmospheres and cultures.

How will Hack Reactor and MakerSquare be different?

Both schools will have their own instructors, guest speakers, and special events. Hack Reactor and MakerSquare will continue to have their own distinct vibe -- retaining the culture that students have come to know and love. No changes will be made to Hack Reactor or MakerSquare teams as a result of the acquisition.

Students from both schools now have access to an even greater network of hiring partners. Likewise, graduates from both schools can now tap into an even larger alumni network. Hack Reactor graduates can connect with alumni from both MakerSquare’s Austin and San Francisco locations.

Applicants should apply to both schools and go to the one that they personally connect with more. Hack Reactor and MakerSquare both are top academic programs with a focus on student outcomes -- you can't go wrong.

What are Hack Reactor’s goals?

In October, Hack Reactor issued a call for partnership applications for the “extension school” program from individuals and organizations. We will work with interested parties to determine best next steps to meet our goal of creating a network of schools that empower more students to meet market demand for engineers, while maintaining a brand promise of quality education and outcomes.

This marks the start of an amazing journey for both Hack Reactor and MakerSquare...and it’s just the beginning. Stay tuned.