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Express.js Guide Release via Guest Instructor Azat Mardanov

Hack Reactor

Express.js is a de facto standard of Node.js development and the most popular NPM library as of today! However, as with any framework, sometimes the learning curve is steep. At HackReactor, I often asked the same questions about code organization, authentication, database connections and deployment.

After weeks of writing and editing, my team and I are happy to announce the release of Express.js Guide: The Most Popular Node.js Framework Manual! The book is very approachable and suitable for beginners. If someone wants to save time searching the web and learn the best practices from the trenches, Express.js Guide is the book that has everything: Express.js API reference, quick start guides, 20+ meticulously explained examples and tutorials on over 270 pages with more than 60 illustrations. The foreword to Express.js Guide is written by a famous Node.js developer and an open-source contributor Anatoliy Chakkaev (@1602) — the creator ofCompoundJS (ex-RailswayJS) and JugglingDB. The book contains the following parts:

  • Quick Start: What is Express.js? Installation, CLI, MVC Structure, etc.
  • The Interface: Configuration and Settings, Middlewares, Parameters, Routing Request and Response, Running an App, Error Handling and many more
  • Tips and Tricks: Abstraction, Streams, Redis, Clusters, Authentication,Stylus/LESS/SASS, Domains, Security, Socket.IO, etc.
  • Tutorial and Examples: Instagram Gallery, Todo App, REST API and HackHall

In addition to four aforementioned major examples, there are many other smaller ones. Their full source code is available for examination at github.com/azat-co/expressjsguide. To download Express.js Guide and start you Node.js development, choose one of these options:

  • Amazon: limited DRM (lending to other Kindle users is possible) ebook in MOBI/Kindle format for only $9.99
  • DRM-free ebook in PDF, EPUB/iOS, MOBI/Kindle formats for $29.99
  • 45-day moneyback guarantee DRM-free ebook in PDF, EPUB/iOS, MOBI/Kindle formats for $34.99

If you have any feedback/suggestions/errata, please submit a GitHub issue to github.com/azat-co/expressjsguide.