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Facebook Donates $250K to Diversity Program

Stephanie Hong

Facebook Donates $250K to Diversity Program's Image

Facebook Donates $250K to Hack Reactor’s Diversity & Inclusion Program

Tomorrow, developers and businesses around the world will come together at F8, Facebook’s annual global developer conference. Thousands of attendees will hear from inspirational engineers, explore the future of technology, and learn about exciting new products. This event will surely lead the conversation of innovation for months to come.

Facebook is also leading the conversation of diversity and inclusion. The company has taken a number of steps to not only improve their diversity numbers internally, but to also contribute to industry-wide change. This evening, Facebook will be announcing a $250K donation to Hack Reactor’s diversity and inclusion program, Telegraph Track. Telegraph Track is an extension of the Hack Reactor immersive program that focuses on building a strong community to support the careers of underrepresented software engineers.

This donation will fuel Telegraph Track’s ongoing efforts to support underrepresented engineers. Telegraph Track is a unique program that focuses on making sure students have what they need outside of technical skills. Not only will Telegraph Track engineers receive the best-in-show, industry-tested education from Hack Reactor, students will also solidify a strong community of diverse peers within a larger engineering community that will mirror what will be experienced in the tech industry.

Kristina McElveen, Telegraph Track grad and now Software Engineer at Major League Baseball, shares “the Telegraph Track curriculum gave me an informed view of the industry and techniques for how to solve the challenges underrepresented engineers face that have helped me thrive in my current role.”

Through Facebook’s donation, 14 full-tuition scholarships will be awarded to people from underrepresented minority communities. These Telegraph Track specific scholarships will allow more people to consider careers in web development, and is one of the many ways Hack Reactor is working with various partners to support initiatives designed to build a pipeline of diverse talent.

Inspiring Career Transitions:

Albrey Brown, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Hack Reactor, says “I couldn’t imagine a better way to announce the launch of Telegraph Track than with the generosity of Facebook’s $250K donation. Our commitment to supporting the careers of underrepresented software engineers at Hack Reactor is necessary and ever-expanding.”

Interested in Telegraph Track and want to learn more about their support? Visit the Telegraph Track page.

To apply to the Hack Reactor Scholarship and get a full-ride to Telegraph Track, visit www.hackreactor.com/scholarships.

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