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Firebase, a Popular API with Students and Developers, Acquired by Google

Hack Reactor

Firebase, a Popular API with Students and Developers, Acquired by Google's Image

Firebase, an API that facilitates real-time interactions between clients and a server, was purchased by Google this week. Firebase, which is very popular for social network back ends, gaming development, and other areas where real-time interaction is crucial to user experience, has a good relationship with Hack Reactor. One Firebase developer, Joey Yang, is a Hack Reactor graduate, and has come back to the school multiple times to make presentations about Firebase. Firebase participated in the newbie-friendly hackathon #neoHack14, which Hack Reactor hosted, and students often use the powerful API in their apps, including one that created a social network around exchanging Disneyland Fastpasses.

Google’s acquisition brings exciting possibilities for the growth of Firebase.

“We're going to be doing exactly what we've been doing, except with Google's resources under our belt, we're going to be able to move much faster,” Yang explains. “We're looking to grow the team quickly and bring some new features out soon, all with Google's huge global infrastructure.”

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Joey Yang went from Hack Reactor to Firebase, which was just acquired by Google.

Though Firebase is not a part of Hack Reactor’s regular curriculum, students often find that the API is a powerful tool, and figure out how to incorporate it into their projects. For instance, students have used Firebase in a web app that solicits real-time feedback on topics, an app that provides constant updates of English League soccer games, and a codecademy-like teaching program for the development platform Famo.us.

As for Google, Firebase will continue as part of Google Cloud Platform to provide a database and backend solution for Google Cloud Platform developers.

“Firebase's mission has always been to enable developers to create extraordinary experiences,” says Yang. “Google is excited about Firebase because we enable developers to sync data across web and mobile apps without having to manage connections or write complex sync logic. With our easy to use clients for iOS, Android and the web, we're bringing our rapid development capabilities to Google Cloud Platform.”

For Yang himself, this starts another promising chapter of his career since Hack Reactor.

“I'm super excited!” he sata about the Google acquisition. “I chose to work at Firebase to learn from a ton of really smart people while working on a great product that people love. I'm excited to keep doing exactly that at Google.”

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