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FitRPG: The Student Project that Turns Personal Health into a Game

Hack Reactor

FitRPG: The Student Project that Turns Personal Health into a Game's Image

UPDATE: FitRPG got written up in lifehacker! The app is also getting a lot of attention from the reddit FitBit community, who even started a FitRPG subreddit!

The FitRPG team has launched a kickstarter campaign to make the app a fully realized RPG that you win by staying in shape.


Playing video games tends to be a lot more fun than exercising, but what if you could do both at once? A trio of Hack Reactor students combined on a project that lets you do exactly that. FitRPG, now available in the Google Play store and the Apple app store, gamifies personal health in the style of a role-playing game (RPG).

 FitRPG takes info from a user's FitBit and uses it to create a fully functioning game.

FitRPG is a product of Hack Reactor students Amira Anuar, Conor Fennell and Matt Gutierrez. The app uses data from a user’s FitBit, a wearable device that measures physical activity, to create a nuanced game in which players must stay active (and get good sleep!) to get ahead.

"I really like my FitBit, and seeing how my steps compare to my friends, but after a while you lose motivation," Anuar observes. "[FitRPG] keeps you engaged." 

The game takes advantage of the fact that the concept of personal health does not always motivate people, but a fun, social game generally does.

"I like the translation of goal-setting for yourself," says Fennell. "There are quests available, so if you complete, say, 10,000  steps in 2 hours, you get more gold."

Gold, a standard motif of RPGs, can be used to buy weapons, armor and other items like healing potions. These assist the user in battling friends and game bosses.

 With FitRPG, real-world health accomplishments earn gold and experience.

While the game is already garnering attention, Anuar, Fennell and Gutierrez plan another substantial wave of development.

"The plan is to do a Kickstarter campaign to get a graphic designer, maybe build out the story," says Gutierrez.

Additional features may include group quests and the ability to race friends to a specific goal.

Check out FitRPG on its website, the Google Play store, and the Apple app store. If you care to look under the hood at all the work that went into FitRPG, take a peek at the game's github page.

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