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Four Scholarships Available for Hack Reactor Remote Beta, Apply by June 24!

Hack Reactor

Four Scholarships Available for Hack Reactor Remote Beta, Apply by June 24!'s Image

Hack Reactor is announcing an exciting new program: Remote Beta. Students who can’t or don’t want to travel to the San Francisco area for the July 21 cohort will be able to participate in Hack Reactor remotely. Hack Reactor prides itself on the individual attention students are given, from our iterative lectures to the one-on-one support provided while students are beginning their job search. Hack Reactor Remote Beta brings that same personalized experience. Remote students will work with instructors to resolve points of confusion and decipher underlying concepts. During the job search process, remote students will get the same one-on-one resume assistance, mock interview training and help negotiating multiple job offers.

 Remote study will be available for the July 21 cohort.

Six students in the current cohort are studying and coding remotely, and our instructors and staff are taking special measures to ensure that their experience mirrors that of an onsite student as closely as possible. 

"The key questions we had about whether remote pairing would work and whether you'd start to feel a sense of community have been answered," says Hack Reactor Co-Founder and Lead Instructor Shawn Drost.

Hack Reactor Remote Beta was inspired by an unplanned event. Due to unexpected issues, a student was unable to make it to the San Francisco area for the start of the program.

"Because we had already accepted him into the class, at that point we always think of the students as family," Drost explains. Determined to keep him on track, Hack Reactor staff taped the lectures he was missing so he could watch them that same day and complete all of the related assignments. This experience showed that participating in Hack Reactor remotely was possible.

Details for Applicants Interested in Remote Beta

Remote students keep the same schedule (Monday-Saturday, 9am-8pm) as onsite students, watch the same lectures and pair-program using software that allows for this. During these hours, Remote Beta students will be signed into a team chat application to collaborate, communicate and get to know each other.

Hack Reactor Remote Beta has the same application process and tuition as the onsite program, but four need-based scholarships are available. Remote Beta is currently only being offered for the cohort starting July 21. To allow applicants enough time for the complete process, we recommend starting your application no later than June 24. Apply now!