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Meet Our LA Outcomes Coach

Owen Poindexter

Meet Our LA Outcomes Coach's Image

From Opening for Wu Tang Clan to Consulting for Google, Our LA Outcomes Coach Brings Incredible Experience to Her Work

Students at Hack Reactor LA have the benefit of working with a career coach who has consulted with Google, Slack, and a range of entertainment, finance, technology companies and non-profits. Yu-Lin Kong comes to Hack Reactor with a wealth of experience in coaching and consulting, as well as 12 years as a master in Shaolin Kung Fu!

“I love being able to be the student’s advocate in those moments when the job search is getting tough,” says Kong. “When they get that offer, it’s like magic. It’s a total 180 of that feeling of being in the trenches.”

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While our program is quite rigorous, it’s often the job search that students find the most daunting. Kong assists students during the course with resume building, interviewing, online profiles and presenting their technical skills.

"I had one student who had multiple offers out of the gate, so we worked together on negotiation,” Kong recalls. “She ended up accepting a great offer at Google at their LA campus."

“A lot of our students have written resumes but never talked about technical skills in a professional setting,” she notes.

In working with our students, Kong draws on the same principles she’s used with Google, Slack and others.

“The way that I see coaching is I’m there to support people I work with in achieving their goal, typically to find a job,” she explains. “Can they do it on their own? I believe they can. The thing with working with a coach is it closes the gap between having the idea and seeing that thing happen.”

Kong is the Board President of the International Coaching Federation’s LA Chapter, which serves as a governing board and resource center for the coaching profession. Before she got into coaching, her passion was Shaolin Kung Fu. She studied with a 34th generation Shaolin master and performed with a troupe before Wu Tang Clan shows (the Wu Tang Clan championed Shaolin Kung Fu in their music). See below for a video of her showing off her skills.

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As promised, here is Kong showing her mastery of martial arts in a Wu Tang Clan promo video.