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Introducing: Hack Reactor Fulcrum

Shawn Drost

If you're just starting to learn to code, you've probably noticed that the internet has a million tutorials targeted at you. Crazy, right? Often, once you've gone through the introductory materials, you'll find yourself stuck: you can write some basic functions, but can't seem to figure out how to build real projects. It suddenly seems as if the clear path you've blazed for yourself ends abruptly. You aren't alone. Many Hack Reactor applicants find themselves in this situation, and we've always been frustrated that we didn't have a great recommendation to help such applicants prepare for their interviews.

For those students, we're excited to announce the creation of Hack Reactor Fulcrum: a nine-week, online program aimed at aiding JavaScript beginners who are new to the language and want to level up their coding skills. Fulcrum is the exact material that used to constitute the first few weeks of Hack Reactor just a year ago. Our curriculum research team has since packaged it into what we call our “pre-course” homework that every Hack Reactor student completes prior to starting the program.

We expect Hack Reactor students to enter their immersion program having mastered most parts of the JavaScript language and much of modern engineering workflows. Fulcrum is what makes this possible, and we hope that its release will provide a head start for a lot of budding programmers, many of whom may never attend one of our immersion programs.

So what's included?

  • Twenty-two comprehensive lessons on JavaScript, covering everything from "Objects and Properties" to "Misconceptions of `this`"
  • An introduction to standard developer tools such as Git, the command line, test-driven development, and debuggers
  • Real-world software projects that cover JavaScript, HTML/CSS/jQuery, functional programming, and recursion
  • Week-by-week goals and accountability
  • Mentor-led Q&A sessions, plus a community of peers who share your goals
  • An accelerated admissions and preparation process for a full-time, immersive program at Hack Reactor, Remote Beta, MakerSquare, or Telegraph Academy

 What does it cost?

Hack Reactor Fulcrum costs only $2,980 and is fully refundable within the first 7 days if you decide the program isn't right for you. If you are accepted into one of our 12-week, immersive programs after completing Hack Reactor Fulcrum in its entirety, this cost will be deducted from your overall tuition.

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Is this like Hack Reactor Prep?

Hack Reactor Fulcrum is the ideal next step for Prep students that want to keep their momentum going. It covers all material between the end of the Prep course and the first day of our immersive program. If you aren't sure whether you should enroll in Prep or Fulcrum, the litmus test is simple: can you successfully complete our admissions challenge? If so, Hack Reactor Fulcrum is right for you. If not, one of our many prep programs may better suit your needs.

What do I need to complete the course?

A computer. The program is designed for Macs and works with some translation on Linux. Though Windows will also work, however, web developers that use Windows will often encounter frequent challenges. You should also come equipped with a Github account, text editor, and browser; all of which we'll gladly assist in helping you set up.

If I complete Hack Reactor Fulcrum, can I enroll in Hack Reactor?

Hack Reactor Fulcrum graduates that master the material will be exceptionally well-prepared for our standard interview, and since they've already completed our pre-course homework, they're able to accelerate their enrollment process. However, enrolling in Fulcrum does not guarantee your admission into Hack Reactor.

Hack Reactor Fulcrum is perfect for me, but I can’t afford it. Is there a scholarship program?

Hack Reactor Core cares about educational access. If you made less than $35,310 (three times the federal poverty level) in 2014, you can qualify for a scholarship by following these steps:

1. Set up a campaign at https://www.gofundme.com/ and raise at least $5 each from at least 30 people.

2. Email fulcrum@hackreactor.com with the following info: a link to your campaign, your 2014 tax returns, and the scholarship amount that would allow you to join Fulcrum.

What if I have another question about Hack Reactor Fulcrum?

Please email fulcrum@hackreactor.com.

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