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Women Who Code Sponsors 6 Scholarships | Hack Reactor

Owen Poindexter

Women Who Code Sponsors 6 Scholarships | Hack Reactor's Image

Women Who Code Sponsors 6 Scholarships

Six women will get a potentially life-changing career boost due to a partnership between Women Who Code and Hack Reactor Remote. Women Who Code, an organization dedicated to training and supporting women in technical fields, will sponsor six scholarships to our unique online immersive program, Hack Reactor Remote Beta:

  • One full scholarship of $17,780

  • Five partial scholarships of $2,000

Women Who Code members and friends will be eligible, and applicants will have to go through Hack Reactor Remote Beta’s standard application process.

With a separate scholarship with Women Who Code for our online beginner’s course Remote Prep, and a women’s scholarship to partner school Telegraph Academy in coordination with Capital One, this is the third women’s scholarship we have announced during Women’s History Month. We are in strong agreement with Women Who Code that everyone benefits from a more gender-balanced tech industry, and we are excited to work with them toward this goal.

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Scholarships to Hack Reactor Remote Beta are available in coordination with Women Who Code. Click the image for details.

Hack Reactor Remote Beta is a course that builds lifelong skills over three intense months. Like the onsite programs in our network, students are required to be present, learning and coding, 11 hours a day, six days a week. The course mimics Hack Reactor’s onsite program in that students learn computer science fundamentals and cutting edge technologies in the first half of the course; in the second half of the course they build projects of their own design. By the end, students are autonomous engineers, capable of learning and building in an incredible range of technologies.

"When I discovered how much I enjoyed coding after I already finished college without a CS degree, I thought it was too late and I had regretfully missed the boat," says Hack Reactor Remote Beta grad Joyce Liu. "But Hack Reactor helped me land a dream job as a software engineer, and it has been incredibly rewarding. I feel challenged and excited by my work everyday."

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Joyce Liu landed a dream job after attending Hack Reactor Remote Beta.

The program uses Slack, video chat and other software to facilitate pair programming and a lively, collaborative classroom environment. Recorded lectures allow students to watch at double speed or to repeat sections for clarity. Mentors and instructors are a chat window away when questions arise. The result is that classmates and educators are perpetually available.

“The program just ended and everyone is already making plans about visiting or doing a reunion,” said Liu, at the conclusion of her Hack Reactor Remote Beta program. “It’s surprising how close you can get to people you’ve never met in person.”

This new scholarship with Women Who Code will bring six women into Hack Reactor Remote Beta. One will receive a full scholarship, and the others will be awarded $2,000 toward their tuition, additionally, they will be eligible to apply for loans for the remainder of the tuition with our hand-selected lending partners. We are constantly on the lookout for partnerships like this one that bring women and underrepresented minorities into the tech sector. Lack of diversity is an ongoing issue in tech, and we are determined to do our part to make software engineers more closely resemble the demographics of the U.S. If your organization is interested in working with Reactor Core to provide industry-leading software developer training, contact WomenInTech@reactorcore.com.

Learn more and apply to the Women Who Code scholarship. Beginners may be interested in the Women Who Code scholarship to Remote Prep.

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