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Coding Bootcamp: Find Hack Reactor on Quora, GitHub and More

Hack Reactor

Coding Bootcamp: Join Us on Social Media

Software development schools (or coding bootcamps) like San Francisco's Hack Reactor are a new source of coding education for future programmers. As such, we're constantly finding ways to connect with potential developers and tech companies. The world of social media is a great place to start, but the coding community has found specific places on the web to call its own.


One such place is GitHub, a company located in San Francisco and founded in 2008. It is an immensely popular site where coders share projects and cool applications they're building. Big tech companies are also highly involved. "Just about all the major Web companies—Google (GOOG),Facebook (FB), Netflix (NFLX)—have a presence on GitHub, where they share their open-source code with the public and give their internal engineers a place to work together," reported Bloomberg Businessweek.

Likewise, Hack Reactor's coder bootcamp students have found great use for GitHub too.

"We use it every day as a part of the course," says Hack Reactor's Bianca Gandolfo. "It's a way to track the changes of your project. You can go back to previous versions if something breaks, which is really helpful. You can see what other people are working on."

Hack Reactor's Walker Flynn added that, "Once you learn it, it's pretty easy. It's fun."

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Quora has been an excellent source of coder bootcamp information for prospective students. Hack Reactor instructors check Quora daily to find questions where their expertise may come in handy. As a user, you can find unanswered questions to tackle, write a review or even a blog about a topic that interests you.

We recently published an article featuring five Quora questions from potential coding school students. Queries include:

On Quora, you can find reviews of different developer schools, testimony from alumni, and information about curriculum, tuition, and job placement. When you find an answer that addresses your question to the fullest, give it an "up vote." Sign up for Quora today and see what Hack Reactor instructors have answered.

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Meetup and Eventbrite

San Francisco's coding community is filled with Meetup groups that fit your niche. From Girl Develop It (led by the amazing Pam Fox) to Hack Reactor and The SF Ruby Meetup Group,  being involved in these meetups means you'll have access to talented instructors and peers who share your passion.

Hack Reactor's Meetup group  has upcoming JavaScript study sessions focused on solving algorithms. You can view some of our past meetups below. The next time we have an event, come join us! For more information contact David Kim at david@hackreactor.com.

Eventbrite is a similar social/web tool for promoting and joining meetups or events. Hack Reactor is using Eventbrite to register participants for its upcoming "Hiring Day," taking place on July 12.

Visiting companies will view students' projects and mingle. Attending companies will have a brief, timed one-on-one with each student (around five minutes). Upon completion of this "speed dating" round, you are invited to (and strongly encouraged to) continue conversations over food & drinks.

People involved with or interested in Hack Reactor can use Eventbrite to save our events to their calendars and subscribe for updates.

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Students can attain a lot of value from following our LinkedIn profile and seeing what companies Hack Reactor is connecting with. They may have job openings available or be the type of company you've always wanted to work for. Hack Reactor has relationships with both start-ups and big companies, so there's something for everyone. Chances are if these companies are connecting with us on social media, they have an interest in our school and our talented engineers.

LinkedIn will also be a place where we post our latest blogs, event info and student news. If you're not on LinkedIn, create a profile and use it as an opportunity to market yourself, your portfolio and your resume.

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Traditional Social Media

If the above networks just aren't for you, there's always traditional social media. Hack Reactor will be posting daily on the following accounts. Everything from press about our academy, to photos of students will be shared for you to enjoy!

Hack Reactor's Public Facebook Page

Twitter - @HackReactor

Hack Reactor on Google +