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About Hack Reactor's Development Boot Camp

Shawn Drost

About Hack Reactor's Development Boot Camp's Image

Hello from all of us at Hack Reactor's development boot camp!  We thought we'd kick off this blog with a FAQ-style post.

What is Hack Reactor's Development Boot Camp?

Hack Reactor is a 12 week program meant to take self-taught programmers and/ or established designers, teach them a complete set of technical skills in and around JavaScript and JavaScript related frameworks, and then assist them in getting hired as full-stack developers.

  Can I really get a job after just 12 weeks?

This development boot camp style technical education model has been validated by programs teaching Ruby on Rails and iOS. It has achieved very high placement rates (98%+) with some of the biggest and most respected names in the industry: Google, Twitter, Groupon, Thoughtbot, Pivotal Labs and many more, with salaries up to $120k. We believe that the bar for training and hiring of front end JavaScript developers is even more attainable, and that is why we have chosen to be the first, and - as of now - only training program specifically for that market.

Hack Reactor features a "Hiring Day" prior to the graduation of each cohort. Our developers are heavily trained prior to taking on real-world interviews and this event, with added advice and support around perfecting their GitHub and LinkedIn profiles.

How can I be involved? Anyone who is interested in growing the technical talent pool in San Francisco is invited to get in touch.  Drop us a line at contact@hackreactor.com and let us know who you are:

  • An aspiring developer interested in becoming a student
  • A developer looking to be a teacher or mentor
  • A company interested in participating in the hiring process
  • A reporter, blogger, or connected individual interested in talking about the program
  • A generally interested party wishing to receive updates about the progress of the program
  • Other (please elaborate)

See you around.  -- Team Hack Reactor