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Hack Reactor Becomes Even Better with Acquisition by Galvanize

For the last five years Hack Reactor has created the highest quality Coding Bootcamp program, with industry-leading outcomes in Software Engineering, an exceptional student experience, a strong alumni footprint and consistent employer recognition.

We're thrilled to bring things to the next level by joining the Galvanize community and its commitment to creating an ecosystem for technology learners, entrepreneurs, startups and established companies.

As a prospective Hack Reactor student, this means not only are you still on a path to Hack Reactor’s exceptional Software Engineering curriculum and program, but you’re also on a path to even more opportunity. For starters, you’ll be part of an alumni community that’s now almost doubled in size and a larger and more diverse network of employers.

And, when you graduate Hack Reactor, you’ll receive six months of free membership at Galvanize, which includes cross-campus access to coworking spaces, virtual and on-campus mentorship sessions, and, members-only networking events, workshops and the Google for Entrepreneurs network, among others.

 Hack Reactor will be moving into select Galvanize campuses as early as September. Galvanize has beautiful coworking spaces in the most tech-relevant neighborhoods, like San Francisco’s SOMA, Austin’s 2nd Street and New York’s SoHo.

Hack Reactor will be moving into select Galvanize campuses as early as September. Galvanize has beautiful coworking spaces in the most tech-relevant neighborhoods, like San Francisco’s SOMA, Austin’s 2nd Street and New York’s SoHo.

While these benefits are available to all future Hack Reactor grads, those who attend an on-campus program in San Francisco, Austin or New York will also experience Hack Reactor on location at Galvanize. You’ll be among the first Hack Reactor students studying in a workspace full of creators, innovators and passionate learners. Students will rub elbows with potential employers like Zillow, Slack, Nordstrom and Mozilla (these are all member companies with suites on campus at Galvanize) and showing off skills alongside startups and established tech companies  starting on Day 1 of Hack Reactor. 

In short, your opportunity for learning, networking and making it big in the tech industry just got a lot bigger. Apply now to be in this space by September.


Will there be any changes to the Hack Reactor program?

There are no planned changes to the Hack Reactor Program curriculum as a result of this acquisition. Both Hack Reactor and Galvanize strive to maintain the most industry-relevant curriculum and intend to continue making regular program improvements to match the demand of employers in our markets.  

The Hack Reactor programs in Austin, San Francisco, and New York will eventually be moved to the Galvanize campuses where Hack Reactor students can learn in Galvanize’s beautiful space, with superior facility and unique networking opportunities available there. More information regarding timing is below!


What is the benefit of the Galvanize community?

Uniting Hack Reactor and Galvanize communities makes our program even more exciting for prospective students than ever before. As a student and member of our community, you will benefit from: an expanded alumni community to learn, grow and collaborate with; an even larger employer network with more opportunities to find a fulfilling role after graduation; access to all 10 campuses in the Galvanize network (Denver (2), Boulder, Austin, Phoenix, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and online); access to community events, members-only networking opportunities, virtual and on-campus mentorship sessions, the Google For Entrepreneurs network, and chances to learn from member companies and entrepreneurs; a beautiful, well-equipped, and inspiring place to learn and grow.


What happens to me as a prospective Hack Reactor student?

Galvanize is excited to welcome Hack Reactor students into our community by eventually moving classes to campuses in overlapping locations (Austin, New York, San Francisco). Since Galvanize does not have a campus in Los Angeles, students will continue to meet at 6060 Center Drive #950. The Hack Reactor Remote Full-Time and Part-Time programs will realize no changes in the immediate future, either.

Galvanize campuses are also shared workspaces for entrepreneurs, startups, and established tech companies, which allows students to builds a network while they learn. If your cohort starts on July 30th, your first day of class will still be located at your Hack Reactor location but will move campuses during the solo week between your junior and senior phase. More specifically:


If your cohort starts on September 17th or later, please come to the Galvanize addresses above!


What will my graduation certificate say?

All students will graduate from the program in which they enrolled. Therefore, if you enrolled as a Hack Reactor student, your certificate will say you attended and graduated from Hack Reactor!


Will I still have the same instructors leading my program?

Galvanize and Hack Reactor consider our instructors an invaluable asset to student success and intend to continue their contracts under the new acquisition.


Will there be any changes to the price, admissions process, or length of the program?

None of the elements above will be affected for prospective students as a result of this acquisition.


How do I apply to Hack Reactor?

Apply to Hack Reactor just like before!  Head on over to and click the Apply Now button. We can’t wait to see you in class.


What if I have more questions?

No problem. Book a call with a Student Advisor to get your questions answered and a plan to apply and enroll at Hack Reactor.