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Hack Reactor Becomes Even Better with Acquisition by Galvanize

Ryan Greis

Hack Reactor Becomes Even Better with Acquisition by Galvanize's Image

For the last five years Hack Reactor has created the highest quality Coding Bootcamp programs, with industry-leading outcomes in Software Engineering, an exceptional student experience, a strong alumni footprint and consistent employer recognition.

We're thrilled to bring things to the next level by joining the Galvanize community and its commitment to creating an ecosystem for technology learners, entrepreneurs, startups and established companies.

As a prospective Hack Reactor student, this means not only are you still on a path to Hack Reactor’s exceptional Software Engineering curriculum and program, but you’re also on a path to even more opportunity. For starters, you’ll be part of an alumni community that’s now almost doubled in size and a larger and more diverse network of employers.

And, when you graduate Hack Reactor, you’ll receive six months of free membership at Galvanize, which includes cross-campus access to coworking spaces, virtual and on-campus mentorship sessions, and, members-only networking events, workshops and the Google for Entrepreneurs network, among others.

While these benefits are available to all future Hack Reactor grads, those who attend an on-campus program in San Francisco, Austin or New York will also experience Hack Reactor on location at Galvanize. You’ll be among the first Hack Reactor students studying in a workspace full of creators, innovators and passionate learners. Students will rub elbows with potential employers like Zillow, Slack, Nordstrom and Mozilla (these are all member companies with suites on campus at Galvanize) and showing off skills alongside startups and established tech companies  starting on Day 1 of Hack Reactor. 

In short, your opportunity for learning, networking and making it big in the tech industry just got a lot bigger. Apply now to be in this space.


Why did Hack Reactor and Galvanize decide to join forces?

Hack Reactor created one of the highest quality Coding Bootcamp program in the United States, with industry-leading outcomes, an exceptional student experience, a strong alumni footprint and renowned employer recognition.

We at Hack Reactor have built an incredible learning community with little outside funding. When we approached finding a partner who is as passionate about quality education as we are, we were inspired by what we found in Galvanize.

Being self-funded empowered us to stay true to our mission, but it created challenges in making investments  in things like upgrading our campuses, increasing our community profile, offering new programs and developing continuing education.

In pursuit of growth, we embarked on a journey to gain investment capital, and looked for a partner who believed in what we were doing and valued Hack Reactor for what it is. This process took about a year and we spoke with nearly one hundred potential partners! We think of Hack Reactor as our baby and we weren’t going to share it with anyone who’d harm it!.

Galvanize was a perfect fit. The community they’ve built cares about education as much as we do - they run the best Data Science schools in the country, something we’ve wanted to pursue  as well, and have strived to create a coding bootcamp like no other. It is both highly accessible and transformative; something we consider an incredible endeavour. Galvanize values, respects and believes in Hack Reactor for what it is and has the resources to grow it with us. They have beautiful campuses which are tech hubs for both startups and employers, which many of you know has been a dream for us to bring to our own community. We’re really excited that Hack Reactor programs will reach new heights with Galvanize, benefitting all members of our communities.


How will Galvanize improve the experience for Hack Reactor students?

Galvanize believes that amazing things can happen when you bring world-class education, ambitious students, entrepreneurs, startups and industry leaders under one roof.

Galvanize has vibrant campuses in tech hotspots across the U.S.; communities where both incredible people and companies gather to share and learn from each other.  This marriage of ideas and education brings exceptional talent straight to the many employers who are Galvanize members providing more employment opportunities for Hack Reactor grads.

The Galvanize community knows Hack Reactor is a leading coding school and that having us at Galvanize will be a win-win for everyone. It has made Hack Reactor even better for our students, and subsequently, the Galvanize ecosystem is even more appealing for their members.


Is Hack Reactor changing?

Hack Reactor will continue to operate the software engineering immersive and prep courses as before. 

One thing that's been really consistent from the start with Galvanize is that they have embraced our curriculum and our mission. For these reasons, they want to continue the magic that is Hack Reactor in the way it is - that’s why we’ve joined forces, to help us go further, not to change who we are.

Hack Reactor’s always been about being the best coding school. We bring together bright, motivated students and we put them through a rigorous program that immerses them in the same situation as junior engineers. We’re a program where great work = great results. . This has been Hack Reactor from day one and it will be Hack Reactor @ Galvanize moving forward.

Our educational programs, everything we stand for, our reputation, the program name that appears on your resume and graduation certificate, the academic leaders, virtually all of our educational staff - is staying the same. Galvanize believes in Hack Reactor one hundred percent. They want us to keep doing what we’re doing, but they’re giving us the tools to make it even better.

Here’s how this works:

This year, Hack Reactor will move to Galvanize campuses in San Francisco, Austin and New York City. Everything about the program will move as-is.

Over time, we will pull the best elements of what Galvanize has developed in their Web Development Immersive and Enterprise Training programs and merge it into Hack Reactor. For example, Galvanize has developed a broad array of curriculum that we are considering incorporating as modules into our existing programs.


Who will be leading Hack Reactor now?

Just as Galvanize values the school and the mission of Hack Reactor, they also value the team and the leadership here.

Every leader supporting the educational programs of Hack Reactor will continue to lead the school. This includes all Campus Leads and the experts leading instruction, curriculum and outcomes. In fact, nearly all of the educational staff from front-line to Senior Management will continue to remain in their current roles.

Harsh Patel has led Hack Reactor programs for the last two years. Because of his innovative approach and excellent performance, Harsh will now be managing all of Galvanize’s education efforts, including the Hack Reactor program just like before -- as Chief Product Officer. We’re excited to see what the future holds for both Galvanize and Hack Reactor under Harsh’s leadership.


Will the admissions process and standards change?

Our admissions standards will remain the same. It’s important to keep Hack Reactor student quality the same as it currently is. We want students to show us they are driven, motivated, and able to learn the basics so they can get the most out of our immersive programs.

Compromising admissions standards would compromise Hack Reactor - neither of our companies want that. Galvanize acquired Hack Reactor  for what we are and the quality programs we continue to share with students.

We don’t believe in ‘lowering the bar’, but we do believe that prospective students should be supported in the admissions process.

Over the years, we’ve made a lot of innovations with our prep courses and we plan to continue improving and developing those so prospective students are given the tools to prove themselves while receiving help along the way Our community is about sharing knowledge, so it only makes sense to share with as many students, (prospective, current and alumni) as possible.


What’s going to happen to the curriculum and instruction?

We will continue to have the exceptional curriculum and instruction that Hack Reactor is known for. The curriculum and instructional leadership at Hack Reactor today will continue to drive forward.

Our curriculum has been built by former engineering and industry leaders and is relevant and pedagogically very strong. It has been tested by over 4,000 students and has received extraordinary reviews and outcomes - something we are very proud of.

Galvanize has also put tremendous work into their curriculum. For example, we've largely focused on JavaScript, but Galvanize has developed material in a lot of other technical areas such as data science. Over time, you may see us incorporating that curriculum into Hack Reactor, either as part of the core program or as continuing education we offer to alumni.

As for instruction, we currently have a model that works very well and we will continue to provide only the best learning opportunities.  We look forward to learning more about practices at Galvanize and borrowing the best and brightest ideas. The quality of our program, and how that shows in student reviews and outcomes is everything to us. We will not compromise that.


How about job search support and students outcomes?

We’ve always been obsessed with creating the most impactful educational program on the planet, and proving this through the best industry rankings, reviews and student outcomes. 

Job search support is a crucial part of our programs.The whole outcomes institution,from the leadership to the coaches, at Hack Reactor will continue providing the same extraordinary support and strive to push our outcomes higher and higher. None of this will change.

In fact, we have a stronger platform than ever. Having Hack Reactor on the Galvanize campuses, our students are able to meet and network with Galvanize members that include tech start-ups and Fortune 500 companies looking for tech talent. This is an exciting opportunity for all of us.

What’s the plan for Hack Reactor’s various social impact programs?

Social impact is a big part of our DNA and something we are extremely proud of and will continue at Galvanize. Over the years, we have licensed our curriculum and supported the launch of schools focused on students-in-need.

This has included coding bootcamps focused on retraining Syrian refugees, returnees from the US to Mexico and at-risk youth. We’ve worked with community organizations to help their members learn the basics of code and launched initiatives supporting underrepresented groups in tech (such as our Facebook Scholarships and our Telegraph Track in San Francisco).

Hack Reactor has always been mission-focused, as is Galvanize, and our leaders are as just as committed to our mission now, just as they were before. In fact, one of the key reasons we came together with Galvanize is that we have shared values and mission.

Shawn Drost, one of our co-founders, has been a driving force for this in the past. We’re excited to share that he is playing an even bigger role within Hack Reactor + Galvanize. Shawn is  continuing to oversee these initiatives in addition to stepping into an advisory role within the Galvanize Foundation.


What will all this mean for Hack Reactor’s brand?

Over the last five years, the Hack Reactor brand has become one of the strongest and most reputable names in the coding education space. To continue this reputation, our programs will remain the same in title and brand.

Over time, as we continue to graduate exceptional engineers, work alongside companies at Galvanize campuses, and successfully deliver enterprise training, but our reputation will grow exponentially. Hack Reactor, the school and the brand, has an amazing future with Galvanize.


As a student, is my experience going to get better or worse?

Hack Reactor + Galvanize is a huge win for students.

We've already talked about how Hack Reactor as a school (the mission, the priorities, the academic leadership, the curriculum, the instruction, the job search support and the student outcomes) are going to continue to be the same high quality programs as before. But, we aren't just staying the same - we're joining Galvanize because this opportunity provides room for growth, innovation and new relationships for all of us.

In San Francisco, Austin and New York City, we're moving into beautiful and spacious campuses. Class will continue to run in a space that's focused on education, but there will be more chances to engage in the broader tech community and with top tech companies that are looking for talent.

 For cohorts starting July 30th in Austin & NYC, and for cohorts starting Sep 17 in San Francisco: Your first day of class will still be located at your Hack Reactor location but will move campuses during the solo week between your junior and senior phase.  If your cohort starts on Sep 17th or later in Austin & NYC, or Nov 5th or later in San Francisco, please come to the Galvanize addresses above!
For cohorts starting July 30th in Austin & NYC, and for cohorts starting Sep 17 in San Francisco: Your first day of class will still be located at your Hack Reactor location but will move campuses during the solo week between your junior and senior phase. If your cohort starts on Sep 17th or later in Austin & NYC, or Nov 5th or later in San Francisco, please come to the Galvanize addresses above!

We mentioned earlier that we will be looking for ways to improve our curriculum with Galvanize. We’re also expanding our alumni network and alumni benefits. The combination of Hack Reactor and Galvanize’s alumni networks will create one of the strongest alumni bodies in the industry, with over 7,000 graduates!

Alumni are going to get more access to hiring partners and employment opportunities. All grads are also going to be able to conduct their job search and take advantage of programs and events on any Galvanize campus for six months after graduation. Galvanize campuses are vibrant communities, where entrepreneurs, students and community leaders come together to drive the tech community forward.

Hack Reactor alumni will receive discounts for Galvanize’s data science program, which some of our alumni are already taking!

If you've been thinking of going to Hack Reactor, we’re positive that  'yes' decision is now clearer than ever!


How do I apply to Hack Reactor?

Apply to Hack Reactor just like before!  Head on over to admissions.hackreactor.com and start your application. We can’t wait to see you in class.


What if I have more questions?

No problem. Book a call with a Student Advisor to get your questions answered and a plan to apply and enroll at Hack Reactor.