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Hack Reactor CEO Presents at Leading EdTech Conference ASU+GSV Summit

Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor CEO Presents at Leading EdTech Conference ASU+GSV Summit's Image

Our CEO Tony Phillips and Alumni Director Mike Adams traveled to ASU+GSV Summit--a leading edtech conference--to discuss delivering high quality education to a wide range of learners. Phillips gave a presentation on the progress and innovations made by Hack Reactor, and both Phillips and Adams took full advantage of the chance to spend three days among other edtech companies and thought leaders in education.

ASU+GSV Summit, based in Phoenix, AZ, has established itself as one of the central meeting points for education innovators. This year, the conference attracted big names, such as Virgin Mogul Sir Richard Branson, Journalist Nicholas Kristof, Recording Artist and Actor Common, and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, as well as representatives of education companies across the spectrum.

“Everybody is really accessible in that environment,” notes Adams. “You’re having in-depth conversations with CEOs, who are usually super busy.”

Phillips gave a presentation on Hack Reactor's mission, growth and future plans.

"Empowering students is very important to us. We have a metric that we call the delta, which is the delta between where [students] were and where they are," Phillips explained. "We optimize around, not just overall--are they a developer, are they making six figures--but where were they before? And that represents what we have done."

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CEO Tony Phillips presented to other industry leaders at ASU+GSV Summit.

While the companies present had a wide variety of markets and approaches, there was a common thread of pushing education forward.

“Some people focus on K-12, some on college, some people focus on just software engineering like us, but we are all kindred spirits,” says Adams. “We particularly connected with people like us who are making innovative ways of training and educating people.”

As the edtech movement matures, there is a growing acceptance of a principle integral to Hack Reactor’s model: technology can create shortcuts for much of the educational process, but when it comes to interaction with teachers and mentors, we should seek to increase, not decrease what students receive.

“Education is more than just content: It’s people--human interaction. It’s coaching,” Adams explains. “As much as technology is the driving thing of education, it’s meaningless without that human connection.”

Hack Reactor was nominated for ASU+GSV’s prestigious Return on Education (ROE) Innovation Awards. Rethinking education is going mainstream, and we are positioned as an industry driver in skills training, online education and immersive learning. It is clear from the attention given to Accelerated Learning Programs that they will continue to grow in prominence for the foreseeable future.

"We are getting much bigger," said Phillips during his presentation. "We are scaling and learning how to help people. We educate over 1,000 Software Engineers annually."

Phillips gave a concise presentation on what Hack Reactor is, and where we are going, including our coming schools in Oakland and Los Angeles (please note that the audio on this recording is not optimal):

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