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Hack Reactor Cofounder Shawn Drost Judges Hackathon for Meteor, a “Revolutionary Framework”

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Hack Reactor Cofounder Shawn Drost Judges Hackathon for Meteor, a “Revolutionary Framework”'s Image

Meteor, a young but potentially game-changing JavaScript framework, held a hackathon over the weekend, and Hack Reactor Cofounder Shawn Drost joined a panel of judges that included representatives from Facebook, AirBnB, YCombinator and Apptimize.

Prizes were awarded for the most technically challenging hackathon project, the most entertaining one, the people’s choice, and the best use of a third-party API.

 Hack Reactor Cofounder Shawn Drost served as a judge at Meteor's hackathon.

“Developers brought their talent and passion to code, and we provided the location, technical help, and liquid nitrogen ice cream to power through the night,” says Katie Lee of Meteor. “From hacking drones to a meteor-neo4j integration, we were blown away by what was built in 24 hours.”

A group of Hack Reactor students collaborated on a fish game. You can see all the project built during the hackathon here.

“Here at Meteor, we want to empower everyone in the world to write great code,” Lee explains, “and it was great to have Shawn, a prominent member of the developer community, at the event to talk with participants about this mission that Meteor and Hack Reactor share.”

For all attendees, it was a chance to play with one of the most exciting infrastructure-level web projects in existence.

“Meteor is one of the most awesome, ambitious JavaScript projects on the planet right now,” says Drost.

Only time will tell, but Drost believes that Meteor has the potential to impact coding over the next ten years on the scale that Rails and JavaScript did over the last ten years. The signs are there in what Drost calls the framework’s “wow factor and early adoption curve.”

The reason lies in the efficiency with which Meteor can accomplish what used to take many lines of code.

“Chat messages are a good example,” Drost explains. “Normally that takes weeks to set up. In Meteor, that's the easiest thing you can do.”

In fact, there are a lot of functions which Meteor makes incredibly simple for the programmer.

“Usually any login setup takes lots of code,” says Drost. “Now [with Meteor]: one line of code. Ditto for getting data from your company’s servers to your users.”

This can make a coder’s first experience with Meteor a memorable experience.

“When you build your first app with Meteor,” says Drost, “there are like 10 different moments, where this thing that you have previously spent weeks building out, is now just one line of code.”

Because of this, Meteor is a great framework to know for any hackathon.

“Meteor is a hackathon secret weapon,” Drost hints, “because you can build stuff so quickly.”

By making many functions easier, Meteor allows JavaScript developers to spend more energy building slick, efficient and creative apps. Want to take your JavaScript abilities to the next level? Apply to Hack Reactor today!

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